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Happy May Day!

When I was a little girl every May Day I was out delivering May Day Baskets to neighbors and friends.  In the traditional manner I would take my homemade lace doily lined basket of goodies and hang the construction paper handles on the doorknob of a widowed neighbor, ring the doorbell and run and hide nearby.

I loved watching the look on the neighbor lady’s face when she saw my lovingly made creation filled with popcorn, chocolates and a note of neighborly love.  The old lady next door would seem pleasantly surprised and in a loud enough manner for me to hear exclaim, “I wonder what little girl left me this precious basket!”

When my daughters were little we delivered May Day baskets to a seniors home.   The staff took pictures of the delighted looks on the seniors faces as my little ones shared their own May Day creations with the residents.  The photos were sent into the local paper and the next day my daughters innocent faces and the delighted faces of the elderly receiving an often forgotten tradition was on the front page.

Today I am sending you flowers, sweets and messages of love.  I still long to continue the old fashioned traditions of love that are often forgotten in today’s high tech rapidly expanding world.

Come back to remember the simple ways to say, “I love you.”  Send a letter, a card or take flowers to a friend.  Let someone know today that you are thinking of them, that you care, and that love is real.  Volunteer in a nursing home, hospice, or call up those you already know who are sick or lonely.

Today is May Day.  Since ancient times we have celebrated and expressed love in many ways.  Sexually, romantically and also in a neighborly way we remember how love connects us, binds us and gives us all a reason to celebrate.

However you choose celebrate the love that flows in May.

Happy May Day!




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