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Increase Your Intuition Tip #2: Meditate Daily

In my last blog I shared with you a tip on developing your intuition. (Read Tip #1 Here!)  It’s all about using your right brain by being more creative.  This helps to open up your intuition.
Tip # 2 is to meditate daily.  All you need is fifteen minutes to align with the Divine.  How are you going to hear what your Guides are trying to tell you if you never stop to really listen?
If you don’t feel like you have fifteen minutes, how about five?
If you don’t feel you have enough time, you will never have enough time. Same as any energy, the more you focus on what you don’t have, the more you won’t have!
So make the time!
Take the time to do what is imperative for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Connecting with your spiritual self is the key to living an intuitive and guided life.
There are many ways to meditate, and some are more challenging for a beginner.  So do something as simple as sitting on your porch gazing on a flower.
Or take fifteen minutes to watch the sunset.
You can also go within, imagine you are in a beautiful place, and take a five minute mental vacation!
If you can’t quiet your mind, then give it something to do.  Such as creating an imaginary paradise where you can relax.
Or use your mind to imagine one of your angels is there wanting to speak with you. (Which your Angels really are standing there beside you with plenty to offer if you’d just stop and receive!)
Or here is another great way to step into the stillness…meditate on your cat’s purr as you hold them in your lap.
Another wonderful meditation practice: gaze into the eyes of your lover for several minutes and feel your heart opening.
There are many ways to meditate.  It’s all about taking time away from your active life, being quiet, taking several deep healing breaths, letting go and surrendering to your own Higher Power.
When you show up in the stillness on a regular basis your own Guidance System can connect with you.  You will tap into your internal knowing.
And your Guides and Angels will take a step closer to you, too.
For more help on developing your gifts join me tonight for my class on Mastering Your Intuition.  If you are in the Kansas City area you are welcome and encouraged to join me.
No matter where you are, take time to go within everyday.  Receive the peace of meditation right here right now.  Just close your eyes, breathe deep, relax and enjoy!

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