Conversations with Trees, Inspirational, Spiritual Insight, Spiritual Teaching


Once upon a time I lived in a beautiful home in Northern Idaho.  I felt very connected there living on five acres, spending most of my days outdoors.
I talked with the trees every day, and when it was time for me to move on, I was very sad.
As I said ‘good-bye’ to my tree friends, the trees told me they would send word out about me to the other trees through their networking system.  I didn’t really think much about it, as at that time networking wasn’t on my radar.
No social media, no blogs, I hadn’t even released my first book so not even an author bio on Amazon.  There was no word to send out.  There was no one in Kansas City waiting for me, but on we went knowing that was where Spirit was calling me.
Several months later we moved into our new home in Kansas City.  I went into my back yard, which seemed very small after the mountains behind my home in Idaho.  I was trying to make peace with being in the city, and so I went to the trees to connect.
I introduced myself to one of the largest trees closest to the house.  It seemed small and I didn’t expect to experience the same connection I had with the large majestic trees in the Northwest.
Yet I showed it the same respect as my old tree friends and asked permission to touch and connect before reaching out.  It replied affirmatively in a clear and strong voice.
“We already know who you are.”  The tree said to me in a voice much wiser and older than expected.
“Oh?”  I replied having forgotten my last conversation with the ancient wise ones in Idaho.
“Yes, the trees up there told the trees down here you would be coming.”
I breathed a heavy sigh of gratitude and smiled.
The little wise tree continued to explain to me how, “We are all connected through our roots…”
I saw in my mind this intricate laid system all lit up and suddenly felt more at home.
The wisdom was there, they were all connected, and it didn’t matter where I stood on this planet.  They knew me.
The ancient wisdom was flowing just as strong in the little trees in the Heartland as it did in the big trees up North.
I have learned that the quickest way back to wisdom is in Nature.  Up North, down South, or even here in The Center, it’s available.
No matter where you are, stop and connect.  The trees know you.  And so does everything else OUT THERE!
If you want real connection, go outside.  Touch the trees in your yard and have a conversation.
Sit on the ground and say hello to your Mother.
Give thanks for the wild places.  Reconnect and remember.
Connect with the Ancient Wisdom that flows beneath your feet.
The best and oldest networking system exists in nature.
Be a part of it again.
In gratitude and love for our connection no matter where we are…

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