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Get Creative To Develop Your Intuitive Gifts

Want to know how to develop your intuition?  I have a creative solution for you and it is just that…get creative!
Many of you work in left-brain jobs.  Our society is very left-brain oriented.  When you spend most of your time thinking analytically, applying logic and staring at a computer…you weaken the right brain.
And the right brain is where intuition lives.  Also inspiration, imagination and creativity.
If you don’t feel creative, you probably also have a hard time tuning into your intuition.  If you never take time to dance, play, imagine, paint or draw…you probably rarely feel tuned into Source.
In order to receive messages from the Divine, you must open up and develop the right brain.
An easy step to help you open up more of your intuitive gifts is to allow yourself more creative play.  It doesn’t have to be about making a masterpiece.  In fact whatever creative activity you choose, it should be done for fun, not for results.
Notice how Adult Coloring Books have become popular?  These are a great tool to help you tap into more inspiration, imagination and intuition.
Not only do they help by putting you into a creative mindset, but they can be meditative and relaxing.
Any creative activity is wonderful to develop your intuition.  So go buy some paints, get messy and have fun!
Creativity will help you develop your intuition!

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