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So you think you give too much? It may be you are receiving too little…

Last week I reminded you to practice giving, instead of always trying to get.  Each day we have many opportunities to be a blessing to someone through a smile, a kind word or generous action.

Yet in my life I have over the years been told over and over, “You are giving too much!” The warnings came by well intentioned folks that if I continued to give as I do, that I would burn out.

Many of you know I did finally have to stop and re-group.  I suffered compassion fatigue after many years of giving and serving, going when someone asked for me, being there for those in need and in crisis, opening my heart and giving all that I could.  It looked like I gave too much.

When in fact the problem was I had never learned how to receive in proportion to the giving.

After a year sabbatical I learned a lot about receiving, being receptive and allowing my blessings to come without effort.

When we fear giving too much we block our good.  We fear we won’t get as much in return and this closes down the flow of natural giving and receiving.  Many people hold back from sharing what would save them if they let it flow.

And others like myself just keep giving without stopping to rest and receive.

We can’t give too much.  But we can block ourselves from receiving.

I am a natural giver.  Receiving was something I had to learn.

The basic premise is that receiving is not an action.  Our patriarchal world has trained us to go after what we want.  Getting and taking isn’t the best way.  It has caused a lot of negative consequences on our planet. The greed of wanting and getting puts the natural order out of balance.

The Divine Feminine knows you need only be still, receptive and loving to attract all that you desire to come to you.  When you let go and let God give to you, it is in harmony with all that is.  What you receive is usually greater than what you asked for, and it doesn’t come from hurting anyone or anything.  It is freely given from the Divine and is the best thing for us.

In your busy world you must take time to be still.  There is a day of rest needed each week to learn the art of receptivity.  Plus take a weekend off every season and a week or two off every year.  Spend more time in leisure, after you have given, and let your blessings flow in without effort.

If taking a week off seems impossible right now, start with fifteen minutes of meditation a day.   This alone can change your cycle of going and getting to one of receiving.  Then take an afternoon relaxing and doing nothing.  It is one of the best things you can do to shift the energy from flowing out to flowing towards you once again.

At my house we are now having internet free weekends.  The energy shift last weekend in our home felt wonderful.  Just turning off your devices for 48 hours is like a mini-vacation.  In your resting state the Universe can reach you and give back for all you have shared.

Open up and receive by stopping all activity.  Find the balance that  is needed to heal your life.


As always, I am here and available to show you the way to live a healthy, happy, balanced life.  You have gifts to share with others.

Do give.  Give from the heart.

Then remember to stop, be still and receive all the blessings that have been trying to flow into your life…

In love and stillness,

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