Living to Get or Living to Give?

I was driving into Branson last Saturday night, in this midwest tinsel town to give a talk at Unity of the Hills Sunday morning.
I didn’t come to this town to be entertained.  But on Saturday night as I drove down the strip, one glittering, flashing billboard after another, I was distracted from my purpose.
The father down the strip I drove the farther from my mind was the calling to serve.
branson strip.jpeg
I was looking for a healthy place to get a bite to eat before checking into my hotel and instead I became mesmerized by the flashing lights and endless opportunities to be entertained.
I came to share my gifts, but now I was thinking about going to see Adele, The Blues Brothers and Elvis…all keenly advertised as ‘in town’ on the large obtrusive bright sign.
I considered how the distractions of all these attractions might work in my talk Sunday morning on “Answering Your Callings.”  What a great metaphor, I thought, of how we come into this world eager to share our gifts, but quickly get entranced by the endless opportunities to be entertained.
Then I saw the go carts and wondered if I could find time…
More celebrity names flashed before my eyes.
Then the outlet mall helped me to completely forgot why I had come to Branson.  And my  metaphor message was solidified in my own moment of completely forgetting about my Sunday morning gig.
How quickly the mind becomes engrossed in how to get.  As we make our way through this life each of us with a calling in our soul, we too easily get distracted by the twinkling lights and want to get as much of the good stuff out there which keeps us eternally off from our purpose.
From celebrity shows to binge watching netflix, we take in a lot of entertainment these days.
Now I love great entertainment as much as anyone.  For heaven’s sake I lived at Disney World and loved it!
But the best memories I have from my days at Disney are truly the moments I was able to make a difference in someone else’s life, doing my readings there. The people I met and touched through heartfelt sharing, were the best gifts I received at Disney.
Touching lives is why we came.  Enjoying the good times is the blessing that comes to us for all the giving we do.
The talk and afternoon with folks at Unity of the Hills was the best part of the weekend.  I forgot all about seeing Elvis.
Remember why  you came.  Give of yourself.  Give of your own gifts.  Do your best to make someone else’s day a little better.
When you are on purpose, sharing what you have inside, you will feel happy and satisfied.  And then perhaps you won’t feel a need to fill yourself up with more youtube videos!
Enjoy a life well given.
In love with the joy of giving,

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