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Supporting the Artist In Us All

When my children were young I saved every art project, every knitted object, every painting, and I ate every strange creation from the kitchen.  And always I gave them accolades for whatever latest and greatest creation they had made, no matter what.
I encouraged my children to follow their callings and pursue every creative desire they had.
Each of my children were born knowing who they are and what they came to do.  My job as a parent was simply to support them in following their own internal guidance.
Everyone has this inner knowing.  Many of us, however, were not raised in homes where that was understood. Many of us lost sight of who we came to be in school, church or in jobs that paid the bills but stifled the soul.
In coaching and guiding adults back to their passion and inner knowing we jog the memory of childhood play.  As we remember what we loved to do as children, we reconnect with our soul’s callings.
When I was a child I spent my recesses giving advice and interpreting dreams for other kids.  I was told when I was ten by another sensitive ten year old that my advice often gave her goosebumps.
When I played with my Barbies they were always on the go in the Barbie Camper.  From one town to the next Barbie was on a mission!  I wasn’t sure what her mission was, but I knew she needed to go and meet as many Barbie people as possible.
And in my own children’s lives I have watched them embrace their inner knowing and pursue their callings with great passion and determination.
My oldest, Lolo, announced she was here to be a director when she was two years young.  She wrote her first play for the neighborhood kids and directed them in her original production of “The Kingdom That Never Had Snow” when she was five.
Lolo, The Director, is married to Patrick, who also knew from a young age what he wanted to do.  They are making movies, and together they are following their passion and answering their callings.
She is the director she said she came to be when she was two years old.
You can watch the teaser trailer from their latest and greatest creation here, which happens to be their fifth feature length film:
My children’s creative projects no longer fit in a box under my bed or on the refrigerator.  I am happy I can share some of their creativity with you here.

As for the creative that lives inside all of us, it isn’t always about making it to the big screen.  It’s about finding what brings you joy and dedicating your life to always following that joy.

Think about what you played as a child.  What kind of dreams did you have?  How did you spend your time and what brought you the greatest happiness?
Take a small step towards allowing your own inner genius-child out to play and rediscover why you are here.  Take a pottery class, a dance class or simply get out some crayons and paper.  You may not feel called to be an artist, but through light-hearted creativity you may find your calling.
As the mind unwinds in creative play, sudden insights will come.
Play more.  Create more.  Make a mess. Make some music.  Let go and have fun.
Here’s to the incredible potential that lives within us all.  Remember it is never too late to pursue your own creative side.  Unleash the artist within and follow your inner knowing.  Bake a cake, paint a picture, sing a song, make a movie…just for fun, or take it all the way to Hollywood if you feel called, just like Lolo and Patrick.
We are all powerful creators.  Create something beautiful…
May all your creative seeds bloom before your eyes. And may all that you touch succeed beyond your wildest dreams!


Here’s to the artist and dreamer in us all…
Getting this film, and others, to festival is the next step in the movie making process.  And it takes money, of course.  If you would like to support them and their progress go here to donate…
Contact Cat Today and Receive the Guidance You Need to Live the Life You Desire!
Success in All Areas is not only possible, it’s your Soul’s Longing to Pursue it with Passion!

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