Manitou of Knowing

I kept hearing the word ‘manitou.’  I heard it in meditation and finally one of my guides spoke to me and said, “You need to learn this word.”

Instead of rushing to the internet I waited and thought about it.  I felt like I knew the word. I thought of all the times and places I had seen it, but never considered what it really  meant.

The next time I was with a circle of friends I asked if anyone knew what it meant.

No one was certain, so one woman went for her tablet.

I have been spending very little time online these days and I am so happy to be out of the internet habit.  Since Summer Solstice, just as my Guides had told me to do, I went offline.  I was out of reach for over a week, on retreat, with no cell phone or internet access.  And while it was a habit to keep thinking I needed to check my messages, it was a joy when I realized I couldn’t.

Upon returning to places with access to these modern miracles, I knew it was important for me to continue to spend less time online than I used to, and more time sitting quietly in nature.

So when my friend went to the internet for the answer to ‘manitou,’ I asked within, “How did we used to learn?”  I didn’t expect an answer but one of my guides responded with, “Just ASK, Cat.”

I laughed to myself and then as my friend was bringing up google search, I asked in my mind, “What does ‘manitou’ mean?”

And the answer came to me, “It means ‘Spirit.’”  My guides were beginning to show me all the ways that Manitou is used, and the beautiful power of the word.

In the next moment my friend walked up with her computer and handed it to me.  I read, “Manitou means spirit…”

I was so grateful I asked my guides first.   Because then receiving the validation was perfect.

In my classes I stress to my students to meditate on what things mean before looking up answers in books or online.   I tell my tarot students to ‘throw away the books,” because I want them to learn to trust their own wisdom and intuition.

The quickest way to develop your intuition is to spend more time alone, quietly meditating.

I am grateful for the way we can stay connected to people we love through the internet.  I appreciate being able to talk to my children and others I love everyday via cell phone.

And I am glad I can let you know I am still here, and where and when we can connect in person.

But we have to be careful about habits.  Over time many people spend more and more time online.  It is easy to fall into that trap.  It’s easy to waste time getting stressed physically and mentally when that time could have been used relaxing and going within.

I have found a healthy balance in my life now.  I am finding more time to listen to Spirit, and with that I feel more connected than ever before.

We do not know the powers we have, the powers available to us, and the wisdom within until we press ourselves to access it.

Remember the wisdom that is available to you, and how to access that wisdom.

Take some time to develop your mind and increase your intuition. Turn off the computer.  Go outside.

Be quiet and still…now.

Loving life offline,


P.S.  Keep in mind I will respond quicker to a phone call than an email!  Call when you are ready to schedule a private appointment.


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