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Power Couples

Several years back a couple – a power couple – spoke to me about Sacred Relationships.  I listened intently to this guidance and advice as I had not yet experienced a truly powerful sacred love relationship in my life.
I had learned to love myself, to love others unconditionally, and so a Sacred Romantic Relationship seemed to be the last frontier.
I had asked Spirit to bring to my attention healthy relationships.  I did not grow up with positive role models and so I knew I needed to find some.
And my request was answered.  Power Couples showed up in my life.  As I traveled speaking, teaching and counseling individuals I was led over and over again to couples who empower one another.
By loving, supporting and believing in one another, I saw that these couples thrived.  They fed one another spiritually, and sometimes literally.  I was amazed to find so many healthy love relationships.  And I was grateful to observe the healthy habits they embraced.
I was blessed with opportunities and invitations to stay in their homes.  I worked beside them and felt inspired by the ones who not only lived together but who also worked together, played together, laughed together and most importantly dreamed together.
The more time they spent together, the more entrained they were to one another.  This entrainment meant that they felt each other’s needs instinctively.  They already had a healthy love for self, a healthy relationship with the Divine, so they had more to give to their partner.  They were able to read each other and give an appropriate amount of reassurance, encouragement and love.
Sacred Relationships are all around.  Vince and Connie in Cincinnati own and operate a healing center together and raised children together.   They teach classes together, do healing work side by side and they openly discuss all aspects of every part of their lives.  They are together in a loving way.
While staying at their healing center I co-facilitated an all day workshop.  At the end of the day we were all tired.  Food was needed, but no one had the energy to cook.  Vince asked his wife what she wanted while rubbing her back and neck, then took orders and went out to get it for us all.
All evening I noticed how he attended to her needs. Even though he also had given all day to others, he was taking care of his beloved.  When I asked about their love and their relationship, Vince, without a second thought, responded that he was there to serve Connie.  He treated her like a Goddess.  To him she is that.
And because Vince reminds Connie everyday of her importance, Connie is able to support and encourage Vince to be the best he can be.  The loving and giving goes round and round, building and growing stronger over the years.
It makes sense.  Why not give your loved one the best, so that they can give their best to you, so that you each can grow and thrive in love, and do the work each are called to do in the world?  Why don’t more couples realize the more they give, the more they will receive?
It was an awakening for me to see this couple so devoted to love and to serving each other and to serving their community as one.
Another couple I love and adore is Deb and Ron of Brock, Nebraska.  Deb’s spiritual path was strange to Ron in the beginning, but he supported her in following her heart.  Now he is right there with Deb, listening to her wisdom and trusting the intuition that flows through her.  Deb is able to encourage Ron to reach for his best, and to keep the faith as they go through the ups and downs of life.
Cheryl and Tom of Aurora, Colorado are another Power Couple I love and admire.  Through good times and hard times, they have the same dreams, goals and priorities.  They put family first, as parents and grandparents.  They are there for their family and are always willing to give a helping hand up.  Together they have created a strong foundation that others are drawn to for comfort and caring.
They believe in each other’s dreams and visions, and do all they can to support one another in accomplishing all that they long to do.
Studies have shown that every successful person has had in their life at least one person who believed in them.  When you are blessed with a partner who always believes in you, sees the best and expects the best for you, even when you can’t, you are truly blessed.
I recently had the privilege and honor of spending time with a new power couple – that of my daughter Lolo Loren and her newly betrothed Patrick Poe.  They were married on August 1st in Kansas City.  I spent several weeks prior to the wedding observing their relationship.  And I am amazed that my own daughter has stepped into a Sacred Relationship, and I am truly grateful that she and Patrick are so good together, so good to each other, and that their visions and dreams are one and the same.
Loving is easy when your beloved is in a good mood.  The challenge in any relationship is getting to the place of unconditional love, no matter the circumstance or mood.  Being able to continue to hold up the light and to believe in that person is what we all should strive to do.
Patrick and Lolo believe in one another.  They share the same dreams.  They work together, laugh together, exercise together, eat together and of course sleep together.  They are able to feel each other’s moods and rhythms and give as needed, taking care of themselves and one another.
There is love, laughter and respect in their home.  And as long as there are these, they will go a long, long way together.
If you don’t have this kind of empowering relationship in your own life, begin with loving yourself.  Be good to you.  Treat yourself as you long to be treated.  Laugh each day and remember to respect yourself.
I asked to be shown loving couples in healthy successful relationships and I am so grateful one of my own has been blessed with that.
Patrick and Lolo and all the other couples I love and adore are a blessing to me.
They inspire me.
They remind me and all of us to keep believing in true love.
And I do.
In love,

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