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Think Twice, or Thrice, or More Before You Buy That Thing at the Store

Many people today spend  more time planning their wedding than they do their marriage.

We commit the same sin when we do not plan ahead where we use our powerful American dollars.

Their is great power in this country.   Great amounts of money are spent and when we spend we send a message to the world.  We are letting the Universe know what is important to us by where we share the energy of money.

The message we are sending everyday in this country is that we love human suffering, destroying the earth and raping and pillaging indigenous communities around the world.

That’s how we spend our money.  You probably don’t think about it when you buy another electronic gadget, new furniture or just about any trinket, toy or item of clothing.  Maybe people are not aware of where things are coming from or what or who is being hurt in the process of supplying us with more stuff.

Think about it.  Think twice – thrice or more before you buy something new.  Do the research.  (Links below to help you learn more.)

I know you care.  Let’s spend some time researching before we buy.  Let’s plan the marriage instead of blindly spending our money and not planning ahead.

Let’s put our dollars to work and let the people in Africa, South America, China and everywhere know that we aren’t greedy Americans.  We can all make a difference by using our dollars wisely.

Show you care.  Stop shopping for a moment and think about what your dollars are saying.  Do the research.  Be a conscientious buyer.

With love and compassion,

Cat RunningElkTearsForThePeople-Small

Watch this educational and entertaining movie called, “What Would Jesus Buy?”

Instead of buying new, check out second hand stores, E-Bay, Craigslist and antique stores.  Or give the gift of time.  Give of yourself.

 “If everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, then there’d be peace”- John Lennon
 Do You Need A New Phone?  Or Peace?

3 thoughts on “Think Twice, or Thrice, or More Before You Buy That Thing at the Store”

  1. Reblogged this on The Strangely Inspiring Life of Winter Carmindi and commented:
    Okay, this is very wise and well-said.

    I try to do minimal Christmas myself because who really needs a ‘new’ everything every year? I also watched What Would Jesus Buy and it’s sad but true. One should think before they buy for it has a larger impact on the world than one would think.

    Please pass on the word, share, email, reblog this.

    Thank you,


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