Winged ones

Two Osprey Today

Not just one, but two osprey.

That’s a good sign.  For me it means love.

One is good, but two are even better. And three, well that’s sacred when there are three.

For a couple months it’s been just one osprey.

And I knew I needed to focus on myself.  It was a time to go within and do what was necessary for my personal enlightenment.

Today there are two!

They were flying high overhead and I spotted them from my bedroom window.  I was on a coaching call and let out an audible sigh.

Silently I said, “Thank you,” to the beautiful birds circling in the clear blue sky.

Time to send a loving message.  Time to reconnect with someone special.

Wondering what to do?  The signs are all around you.

Look up.  Look around.  Pay attention and take good notes.

There are messages everywhere!

In love,




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