Should Have Bought the Perfume

I quit my sugar habit in July of this year.

I still have my sugar cravings.  And last week I so badly wanted some really good chocolate.

My daughters and I were enjoying an evening at Epcot.  We came to see a concert and to enjoy the beautiful fall Florida evening.  In Epcot Paris I noticed a box of sumptuous sounding chocolates, and suddenly my old sugar habit was back.

And then I put down the chocolates and tried on some French perfume.  I tried to convince myself the perfume might be a better choice.  I was craving something…and I wasn’t sure which would satisfy me most.

I gave in to the craving and bought the chocolates.

I didn’t want to wait.  Everyone around us was drinking, quite heavily, so I decided to open the box up and enjoy my own decadent indulgence while standing in line for the Billy Ocean concert.

My daughter, Amber, watched me take a bite of one of the chocolates.  She picked one out and bit into it as well.  Half way into our bites we stopped  and we looked at each other without making a sound.

I had expected to let out a big “ohhhh…” when that chocolate hit my mouth.

It’s been almost three months without chocolate like this.  And I thought it would be incredible.

Instead it was really disappointing.   And not at all what I really wanted.

“Damn.  I should have bought the perfume.”  I said out loud in jest putting the half eaten chocolate back in the box.

Amber laughed as her mother rarely swears.  And I don’t think she’d ever seen me put a chocolate back.

I don’t really need the chocolates and I don’t really need new perfume.

We need to be mindful of our addictions, our habits and our desires.  We often reach for something out of habit to try to quench a deeper desire within us.

What satisfied my soul was the music, the time spent with my daughters and the beautiful night air.  Once I put the chocolates down I looked around and took in what I really needed.

What we all long for most is available when we stop the old pattern and look up for what is beyond the superficial answers.  Our greatest desire is to feel love.

Billy Ocean did more than entertain.  He loved his audience.

And the audience loved him.

Look around.  Put down what you do not need.  All you need is love.

In love,

Cat RunningElk


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