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I took a vacation.

Sounds simple but it’s not.  This was my first official vacation with my children in all my years as a single mother…which is about eleven years now.

Oh, we have traveled extensively.  We have stayed in motels/hotels at friend’s houses,and at retreat centers.  We have spent time in Washington State, Montana, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, West Virginia and the list goes on and on.  As Johnny Cash sings, “I’ve been everywhere, Man.”

But everywhere we went, there was work involved.  Or moving, which was also related to my work.  If I felt a calling to go to Montana, we moved there.  If I felt called to go to Ohio, I looked up metaphysical stores and stopped in and connected with the owners.  I made arrangements to teach, heal or share my books in every location.

So last week my guides told me I needed to learn how to take a vacation again.  I booked one night on the coast.  A spontaneous holiday, because if I planned too far in advance I would find a way to fit in a class or workshop!

And the vacation was good.

As I walked into our room overlooking the ocean, I knew I had made the right decision.

I wanted to just sit and stare at the sea.  Even in the middle of the night, I pulled back the curtains and gazed at the moon shining down upon the surf.

We laughed and played in the water, we swam for hours, watched the dolphin, went out to eat and had a lot of fun.  My daughters who went with me kept thanking me over and over again for the ‘vacation.’

I promised there would be more vacations in our future.

Heading home I remembered a dream I had a few weeks ago, where I was traveling and dragging a desk around everywhere I went.  In my dream one of my guides came to me and told me I had a reservation and he pointed to an island on a map.  And then he said ‘leave the desk behind.’

That’s what we did.  I left the desk, the work, the decisions, the caring for others behind, and I took a vacation.

And I am richer because of it.

Get away.  Unplug.  Leave the work behind.

You will be glad you did.

In vacation mode and loving it.


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