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A Dozen Or More Ducks…All In A Row

Today I went outside to see what was happening with the ducks here at our neighborhood pond.

Looking for a sign of what is really going on in my life behind the scenes, I came around the corner anxious to see what the ducks were up to today.

Much to my surprise they were sitting…all in a row.

And they didn’t move or rustle a feather as I came up thoughtfully behind them.

I sat on a nearby bench and contemplated what it could mean.

Could it possibly mean things are lining up for me, finally?  Do I finally have all my ducks in a row?

So much of  life is spent waiting for everything to be perfect and for things to stay the same.

Most people will always find something wrong with their lives, something out of place and a duck or two that won’t stay in line.

But once in awhile you may have a moment, a day or even a period of time in your life where your ducks line up nicely.

This morning it felt like that.

All my duck friends were there, and I was there, and everything for a moment or two seemed all right in our world.


In Love and Peace,

Cat RunningElk

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