Conversations with Trees, Inspirational, Spiritual Teaching

The Thorny Tree

The giant Live Oak was calling me.

As I approached the busy intersection I was grateful for the red light.  It allowed my eyes to linger longer on the tree’s healing presence.

As the light turned green I pulled into the Quik Trip parking lot and looked for a space large enough to park the U-Haul I was driving.

Turning off the engine I sat for a moment appreciating the stillness.

My body was tired and my head felt fuzzy.  Needing to ground I opened the driver’s door and slid from the place where I had been perched high in the cab down to the pavement below.  My body was limp from the bumpy drive.

On the cement pad I touched down.  My palms flat on Mother Earth’s gray flooring I tried to connect.

Then I looked across the parking lot to the large Live Oak.

I needed serious grounding.  My eyes fixated on the tree.  I walked past cars coming and going and the gas pumps straight up to the tree.  It stood sentinel between the busy highway and the convenience store.

All parts of me were craving the kind of fuel only this tree could give.  I needed a good tree hug.  One touch of this tree and I knew I would be good to go for several more hours of driving that truck.

Oblivious to the traffic around me I approached the tree reverently.

I was just a few feet away from total embrace and the union I longed for when I stopped abruptly in surprise.

Snaked around, over and across the trunk of this beautiful tree were green cactus vines.  They were wrapped in a tight embrace and I could not find a safe place to actually touch the tree.

Stepping back in dismay I took in the whole tree once again.  I stood still and listened.

The energy of the tree was certainly all around.  There was a large canopy overhead and roots deep under the pavement.

Standing still in gratitude I heard Spirit speak, “Go around.  Take a look at the other side.”

I walked carefully around to the other side of the tree.  There on the back side close to the trucks rushing past me on the highway I saw an opening.

Like the woman reaching out to touch the hem of Jesus robe, knowing she would be healed, I, too,  reached out in faith to touch the tree.

There is a way to reach the heart of everyone.  We can touch and we can heal and be healed.  And everyone, even the thorny trees, need that healing touch.

Don’t be too quick to judge the thorny trees in your life.  Like the tree, I know some people seem impossible to reach.  Some people seem impossible to touch.   We long to connect, but sometimes we don’t know how.

Step back from the thorny trees and get some perspective.  Wait patiently for Spirit to guide you in how to reach the thorny trees in your life.

For me it was worth the wait.  I was able to touch, to connect and to receive the healing I believe in and I blessed and gave back to the tree in my own way.

Be patient.  Everyone needs love.  Everyone deserves to receive it.  Find the way in, and make the connection.

Back in the U-Haul, refreshed and refueled, I bounced happily down the road to my new home.

Love the unloveable.  Mean people are hurting people.  Thorny trees need your affection, too.
With love and affection for trees and people,

Cat RunningElk


It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit. – Robert Louis Stevenson



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