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Grasshopper Is Here Today…

I feel on top of the world today because Grasshopper is at my bedroom window.

I am thrilled to see him.  Overjoyed, ecstatic.   I want you to understand, I am really happy to see my friend.

It has been so long, too long, since I have seen him.  And now he is at my window, eight stories up.

I woke up today needing to reconnect with what is sacred to me and I didn’t know where to go to find it.  I wondered how far I would have to drive to find a little spot of wilderness.

As I lay in my bed praying I asked for guidance on where to go Spirit said, “Stay.  Stay and wait.”

I stayed in bed, closed my eyes and imagined myself immersed in the wilderness.  With eyes closed I went back to my sacred tree and visited with other spirit helpers, friends and relations.

When I opened my eyes there was Grasshopper looking at me.  Eight stories up he has found me.

Since moving into this apartment I haven’t seen one spider, not a single ant, not anything that crawls or hops or glides.  Yet today after praying to be re-connected with what I hold dear, Grasshopper is at my bedroom window.

I saw him briefly a few months ago when I was driving looking for the country.  I got in the car and kept driving hoping eventually the subdivisions and suburbs would turn into something wonderful.

Just as I hit the edge of nothing He jumped onto my windshield.  He hung on looking in at me.  I gasped in disbelief.

When we were living in Florida Grasshopper would magically appear just when I needed him most.  Grasshopper fills me with hope of good things to come.  Grasshopper leaps into my life out of nowhere, and I feel blessed by his presence.

One time as I sat upon the earth enjoying the Florida sunshine he came and danced around me.  He made a complete circle around me on my blanket as I sat in the sun.

When I came outside to say my morning prayers, he would sometimes be sitting on the steps waiting for me.  And when I came inside late at night, he was there at the threshold of my doorway.

Sometimes I wondered if he wanted me to invite him into the house.   Especially one of the last nights we were in Florida.  I was in the kitchen trying to decide what to do, and where we were going to land.  There were many decisions to make as I packed my dishes, not wanting to leave but knowing it was time to go.

Grasshopper was jumping against the window, as if he had an answer for me.  He jumped and jumped and banged against the window.  I opened the door and he sat still.

I tried to listen to what he had to say.  Was he telling me to stay?  Was there somewhere else for me to consider?  What was it?

He sat there frozen to his spot on the porch and didn’t give me the answer, so I continued to pack.

Our house was mostly open, with cracks so wide in the floor planks that plants grew up into the house.  So if he really wanted to, I reasoned, he could find a way in.

Grasshopper never completely crossed over into our home.  He sat on the edge of my world, and I waited in faith hoping someday my blessings would come all the way into my life.  And I packed.

A few days after Grasshopper was banging on the window we loaded the U-Haul and filled the car.

I stood strong as I said good-bye to everyone.  The trees and frogs and snakes all said good-bye and wished us well.

I locked the door and headed to my car.  And there on the ground in front of me was Grasshopper.

I was so sad to see his lifeless body there on that last day.  I gently picked up his fragile form and brought him along.  I placed him on my mobile altar in my car and spoke to him sweetly as I headed up north.

After moving into our apartment I knew I had to let go completely of what was behind me.  I let go of my friend in a ceremony in the woods.

A deer appeared that day and graciously offered her love as my tears fell.  Love stood beside me soft and still as I let go.

It was not long after my personal ceremony in the woods that Grasshopper came back to me.  It was dark outside when he leaped onto my windshield.  Easter weekend had just passed when Grasshopper once again appeared on the other side of the glass.  He sat directly in front of my face and said to me, “I’m not dead!  I’m here and I’m back!”

He certainly knows how to surprise me.  When he is around I feel reassured and honored, but I know in a flash he could take one leap and be far away again.

Now he sits at my bedroom window watching me write.

Does he know he inspires me?  Does he realize what a difference his presence makes in my life?  Does he know the blessings he brings to me and my family?

And how can I get him to stay?  How can I get the blessings to come all the way in…not just to tease me and call to me from just beyond my reach?

If I ask, will he come inside?  Could it be that easy – that all we need to do is ask, and then wait in faith?  Will our blessings come to us, or do we go out on the ledge after them?

He may think he’s just a grasshopper, but to me he is a Giant.  He is A Divine Presence of power and strength.  He is a gentle and sensitive creature who lives connected to Mother Earth.  He is a reminder to me to stay close to what is truly important.

His Presence makes me smile and his sudden appearance always brings me joy.

Today his presence gives me faith that what I long for in my life will magically reappear.  What I love and long for is just one giant leap away.  And I believe it will come, and it will stay one day.

If he can find me eight stories up in the middle of the city, anything is possible.

He is still with me, and has been here at my window for hours now.   In my delight I called my daughters to come see him.  They exclaimed and congratulated me.  They understand how much it means to me to see my friend again.

Then I meditated for over an hour with him, and still he stays.  I wrote this story long hand, and he stays.  I edited and proofed, and he stays still…

The sun is setting now and he is still at my window.

I am glad I stayed at home today as Spirit told me.  I am glad I waited.

Spirit knows the desires in our hearts.  It may seem like nothing is happening.  You think you aren’t getting anywhere.  You may feel as if there is no progress, no healing happening, and no prospect of good change on the horizon.

Then suddenly you will find the dream you thought you had buried has been resurrected.  Magically your life will be healed.  In an instant your health is restored, your prosperity comes and unbelievably the relationship goes forward.

Be patient and wait.

Because with Grasshopper in a flash your entire life can take a giant leap forward.

Stay in faith, wait patiently and keep the windows open.

He is still with me.  I think I will go open the window and see if my friend is ready to come in now.

Sudden abundant blessings to you.

In love,



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