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Miracles, Healing and Giving Too Much

I have heard it many times, “You can’t give that much.” But I do it anyway. 

Is it really possible to give too much?

Will we end up drained, frustrated and angry if we give to those who may never be able to repay us?

It all depends on where the giving is coming from…

When I was a volunteer at an AIDS facility in Seattle back in the 1990’s I saw many miracles.

When we care more than others believe is wise, when we love more than others feel is safe and when we give more than others consider possible…the impossible happens.

There was a young man named Jason who had only three months left to live when I came into his life.

I showed up at his door as a volunteer offering healing.  As I knelt beside his bed, I saw angels.  As I laid my hands upon him, Jason and I were spun into other dimensions and we both experienced unbelievable light, love and healing.

Jason believed this energy could save him from the cancer spreading throughout his body.  He believed in me and I believed in the Spirits working in and through me.

Jason asked me to come as often as I could.  Spirit told me to come every day until he was better.

Other healers told me it couldn’t be done.

“You can’t give that much to someone who has nothing to give you in return.” Many argued with me that it was unwise.

The volunteer office fired me.  They said it was against the rules and policies of the facility to give that much.  I was asked to resign as the resident Reiki Volunteer.

Jason and I ignored our critics and went on believing in the most important thing of all: his healing.

Each day when my husband came home from his job teaching school I turned over our two daughters, then 5 and 3, and raced up the highway from our home in Tacoma to the AIDS facility in Seattle.

As I came into Jason’s room I was enveloped in white light.  I put my hands on Jason and energy surged through me to him.  He would twitch and jump and told me it felt like electric currents running through him.

He often drifted off to sleep by the end of our sessions.  Then I tip-toed out of the room and hurried home again to my family.

I spent my drive praying.  I prayed in gratitude for his healing.  In gratitude I prayed my family would not only endure this daily routine but that we would all grow from the experience.

I prayed that I could be the hollow bone for him, allowing whatever he needed to come in and through me in a pure and perfect way.  I prayed that I could stay in faith for him, that I could ignore the critics around us and that I would have the strength and energy needed to keep showing up.

I prayed for Jason and I prayed for me.

Those around us said I would burn out.  They said Jason would soon pass away.

Sometimes late at night Jason’s brother would call me and tell me Jason needed me.  He was afraid, or he was feeling sick.  Sometimes it was the darkness that frightened him, and so I came.

Jason was wise enough to ask.  When suffering came in pain or fear, he asked for help to get out of it.  I did my best to answer, to show up and to give what wanted to come through me.

Three months later Jason was thriving.  They ran test after test, but the doctors could not find what they were looking for.  Instead they found a healed young man.

The cancer was gone and his HIV status was reversed to negative.

The doctors shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders.  Then they told him he was free to go home.  They called it a miracle, because they didn’t understand.

We were called fools.  I was told no one can give that much.  Jason was told no one survives that type of cancer at that stage.

But we did it anyway.

God needs ordinary people like you and me to make extraordinary things happen.

Be willing to do what others think is crazy.

Be willing to go out on a limb for someone else.

Be willing to be ridiculed and laughed at when you give more than others think is wise.

Then wait patiently for it…and watch miracles unfold before your very eyes.

And you will be blessed through your giving, as I have been.

Come home to a blessed life.

Come home to giving.

Come home to a Spirit led life.

At Home in Spirit,


“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

Mother Teresa


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