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The Goodwill Sparrow

I had just dropped off some donations at Goodwill.  I was sitting in my car contemplating buying more stuff.  I felt satisfied giving and wondered why I was sitting staring into the store.Was there something waiting for me inside?  I asked my guides “Is there something here you want to give to me?”I didn’t feel a need for more material things but something told me to wait.  My guides told me I would be going inside.So I sat in my car wondering what I was waiting for.Normally my guides alert me if something I need is available or if something pretty and in my size is at a local thrift store.   My Thrift Store Guides take me to the item they manifested for me.

I am given beautiful clothes, furniture, and everything we need when we need it.

But this day I didn’t feel a need to acquire more stuff.  I looked in the plate glass window and watched people filling their carts.

Then I saw a bird, a little sparrow, flying in the store.

I heard some birds chirping above my car in the awning.  The sparrow inside the store seemed to sense the birds above my car because suddenly it flew directly towards me.  It slammed into the glass falling lifeless onto a table below.

He lay before me, just on the other side of the window, looking absolutely dead.

I sat in my car with my mouth open.

Shoppers passed him by looking casually on the lifeless bird.  He was upside down with his wings open.  He didn’t move.

I looked towards the front desk to see if any employees were moved to help.

I looked through the window at the people who witnessed the accident and I wondered who was going to do something.  People looked at the helpless animal and kept shopping.

Then with absolute clarity I knew why I was brought here.

Naturally I shifted into action.  I grabbed a towel from the trunk of my car and headed quickly into the store.

As I passed the checkout counter I wondered if I needed to explain myself, but I didn’t stop.

I went directly to the bird and gently picked it up into my towel.  It looked dead and felt dead, yet I knew even if it was dead I didn’t want it casually tossed into a garbage can at Goodwill.

I wrapped the towel around it and again wondered if I needed to explain what I was doing as I headed for the door.  As I passed the checkout I knew I looked suspicious but I didn’t care.  I hugged the bird close to me.   As I did I felt it’s heart beating.

A smile lit my face feeling that precious heart and I looked for a green space across the expansive cement parking lot.  Near the road I found a tree and a patch of grass where I knelt down and carefully opened the towel.

It’s eyes were tightly closed and it did not respond to my touch.  I tucked the wings in and tenderly stroked it’s head as I began to pray.

I prayed earnestly and affirmatively.  I gave thanks for this precious bird’s total and complete healing.

I sat with my legs half on grass and half on pavement, uncomfortably waiting.  Yet my hands were sending healing energy, my heart was giving love and my mind was focused on a positive outcome.

After what felt like an eternity it’s eyes popped open.  It shifted and fluttered.  It looked at me, opened its wings and then it flew.

It flew in a large circle around me and the Goodwill parking lot, and then landed in another tree.

As I watched it’s flight I jumped to my feet with great joy.  Looking around at the shoppers coming and going I wondered if anyone else had been watching and hoping.  Did anyone else see the bird hit the glass?  Did anyone else rejoice as it flew freely once again?

No one else seemed to notice.  No one else seemed to care.

But I did.  And for that one bird one person caring was enough.

I didn’t need more stuff.  I needed to make a difference.

I gave thanks that Spirit made sure I was where I needed to be to make a difference on that day and everyday.

Everyday someone somewhere could use what you have to give.  If we pay attention and keep our eyes open we will notice when someone needs a healing touch, a kind word or a prayer.

Pay attention.  Take notice.

Shop less – help more.

Be willing to help.  Be willing to make a difference.

Today let’s spread more good will all around.

In Service and In Love,


“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.”  Anne Frank
Tears for the People

Pray Affirmatively
Believe and Give Thanks it is so

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  1. Better yet, let’s stop buying water in plastic bottles. Let’s refill solid bottles that we carry with us. It takes a lot of energy to recycle bottles, and many, many end up in landfills.


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