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The Wolf Spider in DeWolf’s House

I wasn’t afraid this time.  I talked to the large, hairy spider in my most soothing voice.  I explained that I wasn’t okay with his staying in my bedroom.  I pointed to the box I was holding up and asked him to please climb inside.  I explained to him that I would relocate him back outside.

He crawled into the box and I closed the lid very calmly.

Going down the steps, hurrying to get him back outside, I felt him pushing on the lid next to my fingers.  My courage suddenly ran out.   I squealed and dropped the box.

I felt bad as I watched the box roll down the steps.  Once it stopped I hurried to see if my spider friend was still okay and hopefully still inside the box.

The box was empty.  Spider was clinging to the corner of a step.  Once again I asked him to get into the box.  Apologizing profusely I promised him I would not drop him again.

With the lid open I kept a watchful eye on him this time.  Looking at him I felt calm, and I was able to take him outside without any more drama.  He is as large as my hand, he is furry, and I think we understand each other.

Gratitude for knowing him washes over me.  Once we are outside he crawls out of the box and into the garden.

This was a much less dramatic scene than other creatures have experienced here in DeWolf’s house.  DeWolf built this house 111 years ago, and his spirit is very much with us.  The first night we slept in his house one of these large, hairy spiders showed up.

It surprised us late that night, crawling around my youngest daughter’s bedroom.   I got on the internet to make sure it wasn’t dangerous and laughed when I saw that it was Wolf Spider.  Of course.  I had already seen DeWolf ‘s spirit and so I appreciated the message.  I laughed out loud as I went to fetch my only weapon; a good and sturdy broom.

That night I really wished I had a man in the house to take care of this large and frightening creature.  I spent hours chasing it down, uncovering mounds of stuffed animals, overturning children’s furniture, toys and dolls.

It was a crazy scene.  I am not sure who was more frightened; Wolf Spider, De Wolf, or me.

In the beginning I was frightened and angry, and I demanded all the creepy crawlies go.  They didn’t.   They would show up next to my nightgown as I reached to put it on late at night, or would crawl up over my bed as I was about to close my eyes.  I think Wolf Spider and DeWolf liked to find ways to get me to squeal…and sometimes even scream.

It is one year and many spider stories later.   I have learned a lot from them, as I do from all creatures.The Wolf Spiders run from my screams.  They try to hide if I come after them.

But if I ask them in a gentle and loving voice to climb into a box or bag, so I can take them outside, they do as I ask.

I’m not physically strong, I’m a bit squeamish and jumpy sometimes, but I have love.  Love overcomes all.  It can calm the spirits in the house, it heals wounds, it draws to you what you desire and can move things out of your life that no longer belong.

Love brings frogs into the house and it gets Wolf Spiders out.

Use the power of love.  When you want something ask with love and kindness, in a gentle voice, and you will be surprised how many amazing things will come to you, will hop to you, and will even crawl into a box for you.

In love, ask.  In love, wait.  In love know what is best will come.

And while you wait, try not to scream.

With Love and a soft voice,



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