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Good, Good, Good 2011

Good Eleven

Do you remember School House Rock?  Do you remember the one about eleven?  “Good, good, good…  good eleven…eleven almost makes multiplication fun…”  Eleven is a good number.  And it’s been a powerful message this year.

There have been a lot of 11’s and 1’s and repeating 1’s floating around this year.  Yes, on the calendar, creating powerful energy for us all, but they are showing up in other places, too.   I bet you have been seeing these numbers on the clock and at the gas pump and other places as well.  Am I right?  Yeah, I’m so psychic…

If you are a numerologist, you notice numbers.  They all have significance and they are just another way of staying in touch with the guidance that is all around us.  It’s great when my daughters and I can look at the clock, see the time and nod and go, “uh-huh.”  We know what it means.

And when the clock says 11:11 or 1:11 you know that there is magic around you.  The angelic realm is letting you know they are listening, they are aware, they are helping.  The angels are doing what they can to help line things up for you.  Keep believing and keep seeing what it is you want to manifest.  Believe and see what you most desire.  The 11’s are a God-Wink that they know, they have your wish list and they are working on it.

2011 gave us a powerful potential to work with.  But it’s all energy, and we must work with it to make the most of it.  Waiting for change to happen outside of you won’t get you anywhere.  You must be ready to move yourself, your ideas and your beliefs through the doorway.

Think of the energy of eleven, and all repeating ones as a beginning, like a doorway. You must see what you desire on the other side of that doorway.  We move through the spiritual gateway of possibility into the physical world of reality through the actions we are willing to take, to make those dreams a reality.

Wrap up the year by contemplating what is just beyond the doorway of 2011.  Imagine yourself in the eleven gateway, standing between two pillars.  The pillars on either side of you are strong and tall, and you are looking through to a new world just past this gateway.

Stand at the threshold of the rest of your life.  As we make plans and prepare for what is next, in 2012, we must see what we want to believe in.  We must know with all our heart, all our soul that what we desire most shall come to pass.

See yourself moving into a place of greater peace, joy and happiness.  Good, good, good eleven.

At the beginning of 2011 Spirit led me to a place of retreat,  for me and my family.  I had been on the road for a long time and I was tired.  I had a list of places I wanted to look at as we returned to Florida.  I was not sure where I wanted to be, so I let go and trusted Spirit would lead me to the right place.

Spirit told me I would only need to look at one place.  I had a list of homes that looked good, in towns and cities all over Florida.  This was the first town we came to, because of a different house.  We didn’t look at the house on my list because we drove past this one and I was pulled in.

We pulled in the driveway and stopped in front of the giant Live Oak.  It said, “Welcome Home.”  And that was it for me.  I knew.

This tree is so awesome, I did not notice there was a circular driveway wrapping all the way around it.  I pulled up to the barrier of ferns and plants that grow in a circle around the tree.   I sat in the car staring at the very large and beautiful old oak with mystical Spanish moss dripping from every branch.  I didn’t need to see the house.  I knew I was where I needed to be.

But to top it off, the landlord told me the house was 111 years old this year.  The house was built by a man named DeWolf back in 1900.

He tells me many say DeWolf is still here, that the house is haunted.  Now I’m really sold.

And then he tells me the tree is the 11th largest Live Oak, on record, in the world.

I smiled and signed the lease.   Eleven is good to me.

I have stood at the gateway in 2011.  I have sat with my tree, enjoyed his company and his wisdom.

He let me know to consider it a vacation, long after I settled in and made myself at home.  Spirit is pointing out the circular driveway to me.  I am to follow it all the way around and go back out again.

But I have a little time to stand on the threshold, contemplating what is before me.  I have a little more time to be with the tree.

As a child I resonated with the quote, “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”   I took some magic markers and created a sign with that quote on it, and I still carry that quote with me.

It is good to stand in the gateway.  It is nice to come back to harbor.  It is wonderful to make yourself at home.   And it is always wise to take a break and contemplate where you have been, and where you really want your life to go.

But don’t ever get too comfortable that you stop growing.  Look across the gateway and contemplate what adventures are possible in your own life.  What new things would you like to try?  What relationships would you like to form?  Are there classes you want to take, or a new career you want to begin?

The power of eleven is ready to multiply blessings in your life.

Take a look at the gateway in your life.  In what direction do you need to grow?  What can you see before you?

Just see it, and believe it and then be ready to move in that direction.

We cannot remain at the threshold forever, and expect to grow.  Growth is a natural and normal thing for the living.  (I learned that from the tree.  He wants to be cited somewhere in all this….)

You must not just stand between the pillars.  Enjoy the view you and Spirit are creating, but do not hesitate too long.  The energy is strong and it is with us to help us.  Good eleven wants you to be ready to take steps to move across the threshold.

Whatever it is you really want to move towards, get ready to pull up anchor and come with me.  You probably don’t need to pack all your belongings.  You probably don’t have to rent a truck.  I bet you don’t even have to do much more than get up a little earlier in the morning, in order to leave your own safe harbor.

Just decide what it is you really want to do, while you’re still alive, and let’s go.  The power of eleven will be behind you, so enter 2012 knowing you can move in the direction of that which is calling you.

Good Eleven says anything is possible.  It will always mirror back for us what we believe.

As they sing on School House Rock, “Eleven will always be a friend of mine.”

Abundant Blessings,





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