Joy to the Frogs

The frogs are back.  Baby frogs are showing up in my life again.  They make me so happy…

I was so angry, holding a grudge with snake, and I fueled my anger by blaming him for all the frogs disappearing.

But now the frogs are back.

Over several months the frogs were disappearing.  And then when I didn’t see any for quite a while, it concerned me.

So I began blaming.

Blame is a wonderful thing.  In my anger I looked around for more to fuel my anger.  In all that seemed out of balance, I blamed snake.   Isn’t it handy to have somewhere to place all our unhappiness and disgruntled feelings?

But now frog is back.  The baby frogs perch on the top of my screen doors, they cuddle up close to the porch light at night.  I leave the light on for them.  I open and close the screen doors carefully.

We went to Target and the voice that guides me told me to get some potato chips.  (Yeah, right, Cat.  Your guides would tell you to buy potato chips?) But wait, before you judge me, I went to the potato chip aisle, always anxious to please my guides and follow their direction…and beneath my favorite kind was a baby frog.

Now you see why I was told to get potato chips.  So into my canvas bag I carefully placed the little fellow.  (This is another reason to be sure to take your cloth bags to the store with you, you never know when you may need to rescue a frog, or bird, or snake…)  My daughters helped me relocate frog back to a more natural habitat across from the parking lot.

Back at home, I came inside the porch door and something fell on my head.  After a small shriek (I have come a long way, just a squeak now where I used to scream) I pulled the creature out of my hair.

It was another frog.  I placed the adorable little green guy back outside the porch.

As I put my hand down to the ground to let it go, I heard an excited voice, either in frog’s mind, or my own, or both shouting, “Snake!”

Then I realized I was handing snake his dinner and I tried to find frog again, but alas, I did not.  I suddenly considered that the reason these baby frogs keep migrating to my porch maybe to get away from our friend snake.

In my mind I invited the frogs to come back inside the porch if they need.  Then as I turned back towards the porch steps frog jumped up the steps ahead of me. Of his own accord, he was choosing to take refuge on my screen porch.

I smiled and said, “Of course you can come inside with me tonight.”

So this morning the first thing I looked for was frog.  As I write this I can see two curled up at the top of one door and one on the top of the other, on the inside of the screen porch.

They can stay inside with me as long as they like, and I will open and close the door very carefully…

And I will quit blaming snake for doing what snakes do naturally.

He’s just being himself.  Can we blame anyone for being who they are?

Why get angry with someone who will continue to do the same things over and over again.  Our pain comes when we expect someone to be something they cannot be.  Instead we must accept each person where they are, knowing we are all doing the best that we can, all of us just trying to be who we are.

In doing my best at being myself, I find I am happiest when I do the simplest of things, such as feeding the birds and watching out for the little guys on my porch door.  It brings me joy to care about them.  It makes me smile simply watching the birds and butterflies and frogs.

We need to remember not to blame others for our unhappiness.   We must release our anger or else we will be feeding it, day after day.  Don’t expect others to change.  Instead change your self, and change your focus.

We must remember to switch our focus to joy.

In order to find joy, we must look for it.  The little joys, the sweet surprises in life can be found at Target, but not in the purchases we make.  It’s in the surprises we find.

At this time of year many people are trying very hard to find joy.  Many people rush around trying to create joy for others.  But Joy is found in unexpected places.

And it is the simplest things that bring a smile to our face and lightness in our hearts.

Remember to enjoy the simple things at this time of year.  Take time to enjoy what you love.

Turn away from your grievances.    Stop feeding the anger and frustration.

Instead feed the abundance of loving, joyful moments by dwelling on them.  Make the simple moments last longer.  Linger in the moments that feel good.

And most importantly where ever you go and in all that you do, be you.  Be true to your own callings.  Even if they lead you to the chip aisle, follow your heart.  You never know what you will find.

In the strangest callings, if we are willing to follow our hearts, we will find joy.  A true calling doesn’t always make sense at first, and something may just fall on your head or pop out unexpectedly.  It may frighten you at first, but pay attention and you might even have a good laugh when joy shows up.

And you may find a pleasant surprise as others change when you least expect it.  When snake comes and curls up next to you, be at peace with him.

As you learn to follow your own heart, learn to just be you, you will find your greatest joy.

Wishing you Love, Light and Joy.



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