Conversations with Trees

Coming Round Full Circle – The Day After

I went to my computer before going out to the tree today.  I sat down and thought it would be okay to check my email before going outside to say my prayers. 

I told myself it wasn’t at all because of what happened with snake the other day.  I told myself I wasn’t afraid, just anxious to check my emails.


My Baby’s spirit comes and stands next to my chair.  When my dog was alive I had to take her outside as soon as I got up.  I was forced to do my spiritual work first, because Baby reminded me with her gentle nuzzling, quietly asking me with her beautiful eyes to please take her out.


And once outside my eyes go to the sky, then my hands go to the ground, I give thanks, I honor and appreciate all that I see.  Very quickly I am immersed in my spiritual practice and it feels good.


So today I see her spirit.  She nudges my arm with her head, as I am pushing the on button of the computer.  I smile and thank her for helping me stay true to my path.


We go outside and I look at my tree friend from a distance.  I wonder if snake is inside, outside, or just waiting under all that foliage.  I take notice of my true feelings and pause.  I do not want to lose contact with Tree Spirit.  He is very important to me.  He grounds me, he offers sage advice and most of all – his presence is comforting.


His roots reach beneath our home and his canopy reaches across the roof.  I feel safe because he is here.  He is a very important part of my daily life, and I want to touch him every day, in some way, just to know we are connected.  I like to thank him for all that he gives to us.  Even if he is silent to most people’s ears, I can hear him and I feel his love.


But first, I want to know it is safe, because now I see snake every day in my mind. I feel his presence and I know he is here with us.


In spirit form I am no longer intimidated by Snake, but in the physical form I am still very nervous.   I am nervous because of the power he holds inside.  But now I know I have the same power in me, this spirit is also with me.  As long as I listen first, and respect his space, there is no thing to fear.


So I wait for permission to proceed.


Tree tells me to walk around him first.  He says to circle around.


Since coming here and connecting with this ancient wise one I learned that whenever I was in a bad mood, if I walked around the tree the bad energy would disappear.  Sometimes he would tell me how many times to circle.  And then I used it with my children, if they were arguing or complaining, I would tell them to go run around the tree until they felt better.


It always worked.


Today I walk around the large circumference, and all the plants that circle and protect him, once.


Coming full circle I stand facing him, not so far back this time and he says to go get my offering.


I get what I have to give, holding it close to my heart.  I walk on the path slowly and more consciously than ever before.


I place my gifts down upon the ground, then slowly I reach out and touch his trunk mindfully.


It is safe today.


As I stand at the tree, where snake and I met, I am in awe of all that has happened, in just one day and in my whole life.  The path remains clear, there is nothing in the way.  The fear is gone.


It is important to remember to come from a place of peace.  To move through your day mindfully, listening always first, and then proceeding with confidence.  As long as we remember to pay attention, there is no thing to fear, for we are one with everything.


Standing fully present I know I am one with the tree, with Mother Earth and even finally I am one with snake.  Equally powerful, equally wise, equally loving.  Because we are all one and the same.


It’s good to be standing here…again.


Today I hope you will touch that which brings you full circle, to remember your wholeness.


In peace,




Wisdom is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other.  It embraces judgment, discernment, comprehension.  It is a gestalt or oneness, and integrated wholeness. – Stephen R. Covey

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