Spiritual Insight

The Turkeys at My House

I wish for you a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Give thanks.  Give thanks for whatever you have and for whomever you are with this special day.  Make this day a sacred day by remembering the good and forgiving that which has been painful.

Let go of old grudges and come together in peace and harmony.

Like the doves and the cardinals do at my house.  They dine together each day.  And they don’t seem to mind their differences.

And on Thanksgiving we will be joined by a multitude of turkeys.  So we will be dining with turkeys this Thanksgiving.  Not on turkeys, with turkeys.

The turkeys have come to my house.  I guess they heard it’s a safe place.

A couple weeks ago when my daughters and I were running to town for some groceries, we noticed a ‘Turkey Hunt’ sign.

I forget I live in Florida sometimes, until I look up and notice the palm trees.  I never expected to find this kind of living in Florida.  Rattlesnakes, wild turkeys, and this isn’t the everglades.  Horse ranches and sportsmen abound.  We live in rural Florida.   We live next to a National Forest.  There is a bear crossing sign between Orlando and my house.  We have very few tourists, not a condo in site, but we do have an abundance of wild animals and the turkeys seem to be multiplying.

When I saw the sign for a turkey hunt, I said out loud to my daughters, “We better let the turkeys know they can hide out at our place.”

There is great power in the spoken word.  What we say is more powerful than what we think.  I said it out loud.  And they came.

Each day I have seen the numbers increase.  Last time I looked  there must have been a hundred or more.  There were too many to count.

Before I invited them we would get a dozen coming through the yard now and then.  Since word got out they are multiplying here at my place.

So on Thanksgiving I will be putting out a spread of birdseed on my lawn.  Same as I do every day, just a lot more to celebrate the turkeys coming.  I just went to town to stock up for the holiday.  While everyone else was filling their carts with cans of pumpkin and Cool Whip, I was dropping in bags of birdseed.

We will dine with the turkeys, the squirrels, the cardinals and the doves.  This is family to me.  We live peacefully together.

Well, except for the snakes…I’m going to make them sit at their own table over in the corner.

Whomever you are breaking bread with this Thanksgiving, I hope you have peace.  Whether you are dining with turkeys, squirrels or snakes, remember to focus on what is good in each of them.

Whether you are feeding turkeys or eating turkey, give thanks for what is at your table.

And if you have to put the snakes over at their own table…I can understand.

May we all celebrate what is good together.  May we find peace; Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, may we all come together and break bread and give thanks.  We are all related.  We are all in this together.

Even the snakes…


And may God and Goddess Bless You and Yours.


Happy Thanksgiving.





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