Conversations with Trees, Inspirational, Spiritual Teaching

Open To Your Blessings

It’s a decision you make. The decision to prosper. The decision to be happy. The decision to be your best.

We need to make these decisions and stick with them. Today I decided once again to open to my blessings. I made my decision out loud to the Universe.

“I am willing to receive the blessings you wish to give me…” I said as I looked up to the sky.

Way up high above the old oak I saw something circling. We have many turkey vultures in this area that fly overhead regularly, waiting for me to die a little more, but today the bird had a white head and white tail feathers.

Eagle heard my prayers and circled ever higher until he was out of view. I imagined he was taking my proclamation to receive my blessings to the Great Sky King…or Spirit, or Goddess…however you wish to see the Divine.

I felt as if the Universe heard me today. I am opening to prosperity. I am opening to happiness. I am willing to receive.

Open up and allow the blessings into your life. Announce that you are choosing happiness, love, peace and prosperity. Be willing to receive.

Eagle and I send blessings Upon You and Yours this day.

Now remember to open up and receive them…

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