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Precious Moments

Today I played authentically with my children. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was tired of raking leaves that just keep falling. So I initiated a game of tag/hide and seek.

I was surprised how I got into it, and was sincerely trying to stay hidden behind the palm tree as one of my daughters came around the house. As I ran for base, trying to make it back to the porch before she caught me, we were laughing out loud and really enjoying ourselves.

Later I wondered why we haven’t done this more often. When was the last time you played, really lost yourself, in play? As adults we put off play, as if it is a chore. Sometimes it takes repeated attempts from my youngest asking me to play with her, before I give in.

It requires letting go of getting things accomplished. And perhaps we like to see something for our time, something that shows we made proper use of it. Many of us feel a need to see how our time is spent. We want to know we are making progress. Success for some means we need to have something to show to others.

Play does not allow us to show we have done anything at all. But it comes with it’s own rewards. When we let go and really have fun, we find the joy inside us. We release our own inner child. What good does this do? It allows us more freedom to remember our true essence.

Who you were as a child is the closest you may find to who you were born to be. As we grow up messages in school, from adults, from many sources tell us to give up our dreams, our imagination and to get to work becoming something the world will accept.

Lost inside is the child who is still dreaming of going to the moon, being a rock star or winning an Oscar. When we revisit our dreams we may find the direction we need today to unleash our greatest joy. And to chase after rainbows again.

After playing outside I looked at the tree-house home we are now living in and thought how much fun it will be to play hide and seek inside sometime. I thought about playing under the full moon and I dreamed of more good times to come.

My little girl is happy to be home. My little girl is dreaming of many things, and one of them is many, many more good times with my children.

I did not accomplish much in the adult world today. But I certainly had a wonderful time. The leaves can wait.

Love and Happy Days to You,
Cat RunningElk

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