Spiritual Insight

Allowing Miracles To Happen

It is 2011.  This is the time of miracles.  This is time for allowing ourselves to be fully present in our power.  This is the time to embrace one another as one.

I will continue to offer my services on a donation basis to those in crisis.  No one will ever be turned away because of lack.  I believe we must all give what we have in abundance.  I am willing to share my gifts, knowing that Spirit is providing for me.

There have been some sticky times the last six months since I went to all love offering based services.  I have learned so much about trust and allowing miracles to happen.

Times when I was in doubt, Spirit would whisper in my ear, “Your donations allow miracles to happen.”  And indeed, many miracles have shown up.

These miracles were not just for me, because I was willing to trust;  I also heard people saying having me available without fees was a miracle for them.

But most importantly I learned that people needed to understand when they give from their heart, when they do not have to pay, but have the opportunity to give freely, Spirit knows, and blesses them in return.  I found out I needed to teach people what a love offering is, and how much is the right amount.

One day I did a very powerful session with someone I have worked with for several years.  I have watched this woman create her own business, buy her own home, fall in love with a good man, and so many more wonderful blessings.  I enjoy working with her and know she is doing her best to eliminate fear about lack.  As a self-employed woman myself, I understand her fears and the up and downs of prosperity.

At the end of our session she got out her checkbook and asked, “Will fifty dollars be okay, Cat?”

She already knew I was open to any amount.  I always ask that people give what they can, in order to allow me to continue doing this for everyone.  As I knew that this woman was dealing with her own financial issues, I had no problem with the amount.

She offered, “I’d like to give you more, it’s certainly worth it.”

So I asked, “How much is it worth to you?”

And she didn’t even think when she replied, “One hundred.  I would like to give you one hundred dollars.”

“Thank you.”  I said, “I appreciate knowing it’s worth that much to you.  And of course I don’t mind receiving fifty.  It’s good to know you think it’s worth more and would give more if you could.”

Then she lit up and said excitedly, “I’m going to give you a hundred!  That’s what I want to do.  And I will trust it is all okay.”

We talked a bit more before she left, and I could tell she was relieved giving me the amount she really wanted to pay me.  And I could tell her uplifted feeling was going to help her immensely going forward trusting her business would continue to grow and to thrive.

When we hold back our gifts, our money, our love, from a place of fear, we block the  flow.  We cannot receive when we are afraid to give.  So I have found that part of my job is helping people understand this principle.  They are not just prospering me, they are ultimately allowing themselves to open up to the flow of prosperity.

I am not here to create more financial hardships.  I am here to help everyone understand it starts with giving.  If you need more, then you have to give more.  This shows trust and faith and it gets the flow going.   Whatever you want more of – love, money, attention, affection – then give some of that to someone.

Those who want to prosper financially need to give.  The basics of tithing state you give ten percent off the top of everything that comes to you.  This is the way to show Spirit that you are willing to give back in gratitude, for receiving.  Most spiritual belief systems have a similar teaching.  The Give Away Ceremony is the same idea.  You give something precious to another.  You give and you give from your heart.

And this is how miracles happen.

This fall I was invited to a friends birthday party.  I wanted to give a special gift, and as I prepared to get dressed, and pick my jewelry, I looked at the pendant I was going to wear.  It dawned on me how this tree pendant with green amber stones reminded me of my friend.  I wanted to give it to her.

As I was wrapping it my youngest daughter, Amber, looked at me and said, “But, Mommy, you love that necklace!”

And I replied, “Exactly.   That’s why I must give it to my friend.”

Three days later another friend gifted me with a sapphire bracelet.  I was stunned.  As I looked at the bracelet, Spirit nudged me and reminded me of the gift I gave only days before.  We are blessed in direct relation to how we give to others.  The bracelet, my friend told me, was something Spirit nudged her to give to me.

I have worked with more people in the last six months than any other time.  It has been a blessing for me and hopefully for those I have met.  In addition to my travels last winter across the Midwest, this summer out West, I was also blessed with the opportunity to spend time serving on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota this fall.

I had a special session with an elder Lakota woman with great healing abilities.  But she did not realize she had them.  As I stood reconnecting her with her ancestors, I wondered momentarily, “Who am I to be telling her what her ancestors say, to be telling her how to heal?  I am nothing and no one…” and then the Spirits hushed my thoughts and told me to continue helping her awaken to her gifts.

I was there at the reservation to serve. I was honored to help her, to listen and to translate from Spirit how to heal.  And I did not expect or want anything in return.   I already knew this woman shared a small apartment with three generations, and that getting by was created by miracles.   There was no talk of money.

But she understood how important it was to give to me, as she understood she is giving back to Spirit.  Spirit knows.  God knows, what we give and where.  Our lives are our prayers.  Where we put our energy, and especially the energy of money, tells the Universe what we honor and worship.  Where we focus, where we choose to give back, says this is what is important to us.

There was an envelope on the counter for this woman, left by the owner of the healing center where I was working.   The owner of the healing center had left a donation for this woman to help with food for her family.

As she received the envelope, she looked at me, and came and put the envelope in my hands.  She did not hesitate to give it to me.  She did not even open it, to look inside.  She did not consider giving me only part of the money.

I knew to accept the gift.  There was already a strong presence in the room with us, and I knew this was an important part of  our healing together.  She was honoring me, and she was thanking all the Spirits who showed up to work with us that day.  It was a special moment knowing she was giving a tremendous amount to me, although to many others I work with it would not be so much monetarily.  But to her, it was everything.  And I knew that she would be blessed for giving.

How can we learn to trust like that?  How can we learn to give where it is needed, to places and people who truly could use a helping hand?  We look inside and ask ourselves what is most important now?  Where do we want to put our attention, our time, our money?

As we go forward wanting to create a better world, a more balanced and harmonious world, we all need to remember the principles of tithing.  There is enough to go around if we open up the flow.  Give from your heart.  That means you should feel it.  If it doesn’t have an impact on you, it won’t have an impact on others.

On my website on the home page there is now a donate button to give to my friends on Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations.  Everything you give through that donate button will go to help pay for utilities, groceries and other necessities.  This is one way I can help your prosperity flow more freely in 2011, by giving you more opportunities to make a difference.

As for me, I have put rates back up, to help people know what would be a standard fee.  However I will work with anyone regardless of what they can pay.  I only ask that everyone give something – give so that it prospers us both.

And remember, as you give, so shall you receive.  For this is how miracles will  happen.

Prosperous Blessings to You and Yours in 2011.

Cat RunningElk

P.S.  To read more about the idea of tithing and how we can heal the world if we all give 10% – I suggest Marc Allen’s book “The Ten Percent Solution.”

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