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Staying Open to Happiness

I went for a morning walk and was processing my fears, my worries and praying to come back to my center. It was apparent to me I was a bit off, as my emotions were in fear mode and so when something landed on my left arm, I panicked.

Distracted and anxious my mind and head were focused to the right. When I felt something on my left arm I quickly jerked my head around left and blew whatever it was off of me.

When I saw what it was I had just sent away, I felt bad. Because of my fear, I had blown a beautiful golden butterfly away from me.

The butterfly fluttered up and away from my discontented energy field. I paused and apologized.

“I am so sorry, butterfly. Here you were trying to bring me some joy – you were an answer to my prayers – and I did not recognize you. I blew you away. Please, come back…”

I sat down upon the ground in the middle of the woods where I was trying to lose myself, and I began to cry. In my negative mental state I was missing out on the blessings that were flying around me and near me.

We often block our good; we block blessings, we block love, we block the opportunities we have prayed for. We block because we are filled with fear and can not recognize the good when it appears.

As my tears trickled down my cheeks I felt something land upon the back of my right hand. This time I opened my eyes to see what had come to me.

And it was the butterfly. It came back. It sat upon the back of my hand, and it’s wings opened and shut, opened and shut. It’s long tongue began searching the back of my hand.

I guessed it was looking for something sweet to eat, and soon would discover the back of my hand a veritable wasteland. I imagined it would find nothing of sustenance here and would soon fly away again.

So I relished the seconds it sat upon my hand. I watched it’s delicate features and felt gratitude from deep within me pouring out to this beautiful creature and this precious moment.

It continued to lick the back of my hand. Minutes passed and it’s gentle licking began to feel like kisses. I decided to take this in as a sign – a sign of love. The butterfly continued to kiss the back of my hand and I opened up to the love and gratitude the Universe was bestowing upon me.

My tears dwindled and a smile grew upon my face. My butterfly friend touched my heart and kissed my hand. I let this love in. I let happiness return from within me.

By slowing down and opening my eyes, I found happiness again.


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