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Healing the Waters Within

From Puget Sound to the Gulf of Mexico, I was called. The Dolphins called me – they actually were on the phone with me late last spring, just shortly after the Gulf crisis began.

I was on the phone with a friend of mine last May, about to bring up the fact that the dolphins had been coming to me in my dreams, and that I felt they were asking me to come help with the healing of the waters.

But before I could share my thoughts out loud with my friend, a loud, high-pitched screeching sound with warbly water sounds behind it interrupted our call. We were unable to communicate until the sound ceased. I recognized the sound immediately, but paused to see if my friend had heard it, too.

My friend spoke first, answering my question of “Did I hear what I think I heard?” by saying, “Cat, the dolphin are calling you!”

Thus began my journey to leave Montana and to return to Florida. I wanted to help. I was preparing to do whatever Spirit asked of me. As I connected with volunteer organizers in Florida I began to study for certification in cleaning hazardous waste, or HAZMAT training. This training, the organizers said, would allow me to go into the oil stricken areas to help clean.

But Spirit began to play with me and my over eagerness to get to the Gulf. Spirit began to show me in many ways, that I was to focus on healing the waters…the waters along the way. And thus began my three month long tour, to heal the waters along the way. It was about the journey, and I was being asked to make my journey a long one.

As my dates for speaking engagements kept getting moved out, and extensions grew on the time I was to spend with certain individuals, I surrendered to that journey.

Isn’t it always about the journey? My heart was longing to reconnect with the Gulf Waters, as they have always been a special place for me, but along the way I realized the work I need to do is everywhere. And Spirit helped me to understand that the waters that I was being asked to help heal, were the waters within you and I.

I’m not so good at cleaning up spaces, or places. While my mind was willing to clean oily birds, my heart knows my place in the grand scheme of things. I know what I am good at, and I know what I am not so good at…

I never found time to get my hazardous waste certification. But I did find time to be with many very special people in Tacoma, Seattle, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Denver, Durango and Santa Fe. I took my time and that was a gift. During my extended travels there was time to sit together with many of you. I was touched in being able to cry together with some of you and with many there was healing – together. Oh, and we even had time to laugh together.

And there were special times I found myself in waters, from the beach at Point No Point in Hansville, Washington, where I prayed and meditated and listened to the wisdom and advice of Chief Sealth. In Durango, Colorado I was able to spend an afternoon floating down the river with my friend, Diane Purdy. And in Galveston, Texas on the full moon last week I finally put my feet into the Gulf of Mexico.

After months of feeling grief over the oil spilling into these waters, it was so good to be there and to finally connect my physical body, with the waters that have brought me great joy and peace since I was young. I stayed there at the shore in Galveston, Texas, in the company of some very special spirits who traveled with me and helped me make it to the water that night. I shed some more tears, letting them fall into the sea, out of sheer joy of finally being there and out of deep sorrow for the work that is yet to be finished.

There at Galveston I stayed until the sun rose in the eastern sky, casting a beautiful glow over the water. The waters of the Gulf looked as beautiful as ever. On the surface our Mother looked beautiful, shiny and clean. Her waters were shining and glistening in the morning light.

Of course we know that under the surface a tremendous amount of healing is needed. And within each of us we must remember to heal the very deepest parts of ourselves. We must strive everyday to heal our own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body.

It isn’t over. It has only begun. The healing we need within us we can see all around us. It may seem endless and overwhelming, but I invite you to begin your own healing journey. Even if you think you already took care of your own emotional baggage way back there somewhere, please make sure you didn’t dump it into the water. Let’s clean up our waters. We must clean up our waters.

As for me, after Galveston, I asked Spirit about going home. And I was told it’s a long, long journey, and I better keep going…this tour is going on…

As Always Emotionally Yours,

2 thoughts on “Healing the Waters Within”

  1. Dearest Cat,
    Tonight I sprinkled blessed water into the Gulf while holding the vibration of love, knowing all is well. It feels so good and right to continue our healing journeys with the Gulf and within ourselves, others, and our world. Thank you for your Light.


  2. Dear Cat,

    I wrote your number down at least once, intending to call while you were on the road, but I was sure you wouldn’t come near South Dakota. And now I read that you were in this state! Bahumbug to me for not listening to spirit!

    Thank you for sharing your journey. Every word I read of what you write is an inspiration to me in some way. Thank you! You are gift.



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