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No-School-Back-To-School Shopping

We were out shopping today, at Target, and happened to notice the big clearance sign at the back of the store.

That was enough to lure me back there to see what was on sale. My daughters and I were delighted to see it was the back to school supplies on final clearance.

We laughed with delight in a cynical manner because we didn’t even notice school had begun. My children are homeschooled, so the back to school rush and deadlines for other families just pass over our house unnoticed, until the clearance at Target.

We went a little bit nuts though. The prices were so low on notebooks and paper that suddenly we felt as if we needed oodles of paper and binders in colorful colors and organizers galore.

We spent a long time making decisions…Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty? Super Heroes or Fashion Design binders? Do I need these plastic folders for my receipts, or should I keep using manila envelopes? Can you find a matching folder for the funky peace pattern notebook?

By the time Target announced it was closing in fifteen minutes we began to panic. We were laughing at our inability to fully commit to the small financial investment in organizing and creating. I eyed a fantastic purple bag and took a moment to debate the bag or the folders…We all became hysterically funny considering where we usually choose to spend our money, and what parts of our lives we often neglect.

My children teased me about how many bags and purses I have, yet I have passed up buying simple folders for my new clients because it seems to me such a boring purchase. So I have papers stacked in an unorganized fashion, and I often end up tossing papers, business cards and receipts into one of my many bags as a way to organize.

Now here was a chance to file in a more colorful fashion, yet I wanted the purse more than the notebooks…for me my purses and bags were the place I put all my special things. Now I was considering my own writings, and ideas as something special – worthy of colorful places to be stored.

As a creative, I long to write. I long to gather together all of my ideas and to keep them in a safe place. My children want to treasure their creativity and their inspirational ideas and visions. And so do I.

So here’s to decorating our thoughts. Here’s to organizing new ideas. And here’s to making my work a bit more colorful. Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse are organizing my thoughts, my receipts and my long list of future projects. I passed on the purse. I have enough bags to haul around for now.

Back to school is not a date on the calendar for us. But today we all felt more inspired to put a bit more effort into our current and future projects. More energy into the work of creating.

Where we focus our energy, our money, our time – will come back to us one hundred fold.

So here’s to putting some energy into creating a beautiful space for your ideas and dreams. They will flourish and grow in a beautiful, new environment.

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