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Going Home

I am staying in Kansas City for a few days, before the next thing. I made it to the Gulf of Mexico, but not yet to Florida. Something is telling me things are changing…again.

My tour ended a few days ago, or so I thought. I was ready to get settled again, I was wanting to get down to the Gulf Coast to look for a place so I can unpack and be still. Time to catchup on my emails and to begin my teleclasses…time to find a home where my children and I can be together again…

Sitting outside under the stars, listening to the breeze in the trees I close my eyes to see Spirit. Spirit tells me to open my eyes…

I open my eyes and I see many elders before me. Mostly spirits I have known or sensed around me always, but tonight a Grandmother steps in front of the others and speaks to me.

“It is time to come home…” she has a hand outstretched to me and a feeling in my heart wants to put my hand in hers and go with her.

But where are we going? I have been contemplating what feels right, where to go, where to look for a house, a rental, a place to unpack. I am glad she is here to help me find my way home again…

“Come, Cat, it is time for you to come home…” she is smiling and warm and friendly and her charisma is pulling me in.

But I have heard this before, Spirit has told me I am coming home before. Again and again I have followed that call and gone home, only to be told six months later it is time again to go on and to go home, but someplace else. My body is tired of this game. Now this Grandmother is smiling at me as if she knows this is a joke for me now.

“Why do you keep telling me we are going home? This last year I have gone many places, and yes, I do understand what the message is, but can I please understand if I can be someplace soon and rest?” I am asking her with a tired body, but an excited mind.

“It is a long journey home,” she has relaxed her hands to her side and is facing me. “It is a long journey, and so you must come with me.”

“Yes, of course I will come with you,” I know to resist Spirit’s request is never wise, “But where are we going now?” I ask hoping I won’t have to drive too terribly far again…

“Everywhere!” is her reply. She is smiling and laughing as she heads into the unseen world.

I’m going home. It is going to be a very long journey – it’s everywhere.

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” – Matsuo Basho

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