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The Light at the Doorbell

It was 1:30 in the morning when the doorbell rang… I sat up and wondered if it was real or in my dreams. Was there someone at the door?

A voice spoke to me and tried to reassure me. Staying at someone else’s house, by myself, with the coyotes howling in the desert outside Santa Fe, and the full moon shining on the patio, I felt uneasy checking the other side of the front door.

In my dream my beloved cat Starshine had jumped into my arms as the doorbell rang. I was so happy to see him again. I found him in the dark and it felt as if he had returned to me, felt so real, even though he passed over last October.

The doorbell ringing made me jump up out of bed, and at the same time a voice in my head said, “Where was Starshine from?” and I replied knowing, remembering, “The Stars…”

“Yes.” the voice said to me.

I took a deep breath and felt a special presence fill the house. It was not just one special presence, but I felt many. I could feel them around me and they had a bright, luminous light.

My body was covered in goosebumps and my senses were heightened. “And we have come to help you now. It is time to go,” they said to me as I stood afraid to take another breath.

I was still feeling afraid, afraid that someone was outside. Afraid someone might be on the patio looking in at me. I was even more afraid to believe that some star beings might be visiting me…so I turned on every light in the house and ventured to peek outside.

“It’s okay, Cat. We rang the doorbell…” the presence around me, that felt like many, was speaking to me, continuously trying to alleviate my fears.

I peeked out on the patio and the almost full moon washed over me. I felt comforted and at the same time the presence of others was around me, and frightened me.

“It’s time to go.” they said again.

I looked at the clock. Still 1:30 in the morning.

“This is ridiculous…” I said to myself and the dozens of others around me. Rolling my clothes and packing my bags I began to wonder which was the best way to go from where I was staying. Immediately an image of the highway through Albuquerque flashed in my mind. “Thanks.” I said beginning to relax knowing I was being guided.

The full moon illuminated the driveway as I packed the car. There was no way I could have gone back to sleep anyway. The moon was bright, the car was filled and my entourage waited and watched me deal with the physical baggage.

After leaving a thank you note, I turned off the lights and locked the house. I was tired and hoped I had remembered everything.

Looking around the car I tried to remember how many bags I had when I began my journey…did I have all the same baggage? Or had I left some things behind?

As I headed down the highway the spirits in my car illuminated the inside. My cat Starshine was with me in spirit. He was on the middle console. In the backseat sat some sort of star beings and above me Grandmother Moon shone down upon us.

My usual entourage of elders and guides were also along for the ride, as always. But it was the presence of these tall, luminous star beings that had me wondering just what would happen next.

I was ready to head back to Kansas City to see my children. It was the end of my tour and I was ready for a break. So after Albuquerque I headed East, I was heading home to my children, or so I hoped.

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