Spiritual Insight, Spiritual Teaching

Chief Sealth

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.1 Corinthians 13:13

It’s my birthday. “What do you want to do today?” I ask myself.

I am staying on Fox Island, in Washington, at a student and friends home on the waters of Puget Sound. It is a lovely place to be, but I want to go somewhere.

I get in my car and drive. It’s not only what I do for a living, sort of, it’s also what I do for fun.

I drive and let myself be guided.

Today I travel up the Kitsap Peninsula, recollecting old times. Remembering when my oldest two daughters, now 18 and 16, were very young.

My oldest went to Kindergarten at the elementary school near Suquamish and Kingston here in Washington. As I drive up to the northern part of the peninsula I am remembering all the magical things that happened when we lived here.

I find myself drawn to Chief Seattle’s grave. I used to bring my daughters here on a regular basis. We would come and pray, and leave offerings, and sometimes we joined others in ceremony here.

This time I am alone and surprised it has changed. The old wooden structures have been replaced by cement. A large stone circle enfolds his grave now. A small shrine sits on the wall several feet from the grave marker that is protected by the circular stone wall.

My mind wants to judge this new structure as not as good as what was. But I decide to drop my judgments and just sit and listen instead. Much better to quiet my mind and hope for wisdom to come, than to think I know better and miss out on what I might learn.

It only takes a few moments of meditation to sense a presence. I have asked for guidance. I have prayed for wisdom. And it appears to me here in the form of not just Seattle, but many wise ones who once were and whose spirits remain with us.

Seattle asks if I know who is here. He points to each and I can name many of them, but a few he has to introduce me to. And the man next to him, on his left, I do not know.

“It’s David.” Seattle tells me.

“Oh.” I say, wondering if it is David from the Bible.

“Yes, it’s the David of Biblical times,” replies the wise one.

As I wonder why David is here, Seattle reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. This wise Chief is telling me a bible story. And then he has to tell me why he is teaching me a bible story.

“This is what must be done now. The situation on the planet is like the Goliath. You have many things happening that seem impossible to conquer. Yet it will be through the likes of David, others like him, and like you, Cat. All David had was faith. Now you must go and do as he did. And many, many other Davids’ will also be doing the same. And you can conquer the Giant before you.”

I listen to the wisdom. I look at each of the wise ones here for me on my birthday. And I feel overwhelmed by what must be done. The Giant is before us.

Last year for my birthday, I asked to know unconditional love for everyone. That is a work in progress, but each day I understand more and feel it more deeply.

This year I asked to know how I could best serve. And Sealth and David had great advice. They tell me I must take this love I have for everyone and everything, and I must believe it can be the pebble in the slingshot.

Have faith that harmony, balance, peace, unity, acceptance, wholeness and love will prevail.

And the greatest of all is love. This is the strength we need, the softness I carry and the only tool I have to use to serve. And Seattle says that is enough. What I have and who I am – it is enough.

Gather the Davids. Gather the love. And we shall overcome.


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