Please Pray for the Gulf Waters

I believe in the power we have to make a difference. No matter where you are or who you are, you can make a difference with your love and your light.

Please join me in affirming that the destruction in the Gulf is stopped immediately and that these waters are healed, cleaned and restored.

The most powerful prayer type I know is affirmative prayer. This is easy to learn. First get into a good space through meditation or relaxing in nature. When you feel you are in your power place, inside and out, then give thanks to the Divine and state in the affirmative the desired outcome. In other words pray that the waters are clean, do not pray or beseech that they be cleaned. Affirm, give thanks and see it as real.

You may use the following as a prayer to repeat to affirm that these waters are healed immediately. Of course any name to connect with the Divine is fine. Just make certain YOU feel the connection in yourself. The power is within you and the connection to God/Spirit is with you always.

Prayer for the Gulf Waters:

Here, centered in the Divine we give thanks for water. We give thanks for the beauty of the world that lives in the sea. We give thanks for the life that water brings to us.

We thank you, Spirit, for the beauty and healing properties of water on this planet. We know that the waters are sacred and we now see the destruction of man being stopped by the light and the beauty in the world. We send out our beauty and healing powers to connect with these waters knowing all is well and the destruction has stopped. Miracles are happening and the waters and wildlife are healed completely now. We believe in miracles and give thanks for this good work that is flowing through each of us to restore balance to this earth.

We give thanks for the life in the water. We see the beauty in the sea just as we can see the beauty all around us. We give thanks that we are now restoring beauty, balance and wholeness to all life that lives in and near the sea. We are grateful for the beauty and balance that YOU have made and we lovingly care for and heal what is not balanced now.

From this experience – from man’s mistakes, great new understanding and new hope has been born. Man will no longer risk destroying the waters we love and depend upon for life. A new respect is growing and a new understanding of what is sacred for us all is happening around the globe.

We see the hand of the Divine wave across the waters and contain all that does not belong there. The Gulf Waters, and water everywhere is brought back to wholeness. All that live in and around the waters we see now as healed and whole. We give thanks for this truth now. It is done.
And so it is.

After saying the prayer take a beautiful bowl or glass and put some clean water in it. Bless this water and keep it around in your home, on an altar or nightstand and affirm when you see this water that all waters are connected and that this water is connected to the Gulf Water.

Make sure to keep this water clean, by changing it daily and blessing it. This is a great tool to help you visualize the Gulf being clean, and to help actually send out healing through the water energy.

I thank you for taking time to make a difference in helping to clean and bless the waters.

Cat RunningElk

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