Spiritual Teaching, Winged ones

Eagle Eyes – Seeing What’s Real


I was eager to share what I saw in morning circle, so I hurried into the house to tell my barely awake children.

They were leaning on the table eating their granola.  My eyes were wide with excitement and they looked up with soggy expressions.

“Guess what!”  I didn’t wait for an answer but carried on as they murmured their excitement, “I was facing East greeting Eagle and Eagle flew over!”

Their silent stares weren’t enough reaction for me so I asked, “Isn’t that amazing?”

Their faces stayed the same.  “Huh?”  said my youngest.

“I was talking to Eagle about my clarity and my vision returning and then I looked up and Eagle was just flying over me showing me how I was seeing things from a higher perspective again and…”

“Mom, you were talking to eagle and eagle flew over…what’s up with that?”

“Oh,”  I paused and looked at their trusting but confused faces.  “Okay, I was facing East, right, in my circle…”

“Yeah, okay….”

“And I was talking to Eagle…”


“Eagle Spirit…I was seeing Eagle Spirit, okay?”

“Right, so you were seeing Eagle in your mind…”

“No, he was in front of me…”

“Eagle Spirit was in front of you…so was it a ‘real’ eagle?”

“Yes, Eagle Spirit is ‘real.’  Just because something isn’t in physical form does not mean it isn’t real…”

“So you could see this eagle and then you saw another one?”

They were trying…but they didn’t really care.

“Okay… I was talking to Eagle Spirit who was in front of me but if you had walked outside you might not have been able to see him with your eyes open…right?

“Right.  You were seeing Eagle Spirit in your mind…”

“I was talking to Eagle Spirit, and I could see Eagle Spirit, but it was a SPIRIT…”

“And then you saw another spirit…”

“No, no no,” I felt like my story was falling a little flat by now, the same way the granola was looking, but I kept trying, “I was talking to EAGLE SPIRIT who was telling me that my clarity was back… and then Eagle flew over!”  How much more clear could I get?

I was so excited as I remembered seeing Eagle, that my children’s glazed over eyes failed to take from my enjoyment, but I went back and did my best to explain one more time…

“Eagle Spirit was in front of me talking with me, right?”

“Right…” they said flatly in unison.

“…and then above me in physical manifestation Eagle flew over me.  Got it?”

“So a ‘real’ eagle flew over?  Cool!”

“Eagle in PHYSICAL form.  They’re both real…”I countered.

But my kids didn’t care.  They were only impressed by the REAL eagle…


Take time today to fly over your life.

Get some perspective on what is REAL.




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