Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day is April 22nd

If you ask me…everyday is earth day. Everyday we need to honor our mother…

Imagine getting a call from a doctor, letting you know that your mother has cancer. It’s terminal. She is not well. What would you do?

Would you remember to honor her on Mother’s Day? Well, yes, that’s nice, but if she is sick, that would not be enough. Hopefully you would go to her and do all you could to help her get better.

In my life, I want to do all I can while I am here to help turn things around. It is overwhelming what is happening. We must all use this Earth Day as a reminder of how sick our Mother is and we must remember to help her heal every day of the year.

Make a pledge this Earth Day to be there for your Mother the rest of the year.

You know all the things to do to make a difference, recycling, reducing consumption and reusing what you have. But I also want to remind everyone to connect with the earth each and every day. It is healing for you and for Her.

Join me and sit on the earth each day. Connect and listen to what she needs. Then do what you can.

The closer our relationship with our Earth Mother, the more we will do to make a real difference.

Develop your Earth Connections…

In Spirit,
Cat RunningElk

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