How to Make A Difference

Most everyone I meet wants to know how to make a difference. Most want to know what their gifts are, and what are their callings. Many of my clients feel they are here to help at this crucial time on earth, but many do not know where to begin.

I do my best to turn everyone inside out and help them find out for themselves just why they are here and what they have come to do.

Yet I know that even without amazing gifts or a clear calling, we can all make a difference, and that each of us are called to do so. We are all capable of making a difference. Everyone is called right now and it is my hope that everyone will answer that calling. In my work I am here to help you know what to do, to teach you how to listen to your guidance and how to follow spirit’s call.

In the beginning it was very difficult for me to answer spirit’s call. I did not trust the visions, voices and feelings that wanted to help me. I had worked many years to ignore them. My relationship with Spirit was lacking communication, at least on my part. I pretty much ignored my guides until this one day when my daughter, Lauren and I were on our way to a video store. Lauren was barely two years old and she was strapped into her car seat directly behind me. While driving slowly down the backstreets of my hometown, I had a vision. In my mind’s eye I saw a car coming at top speed through the next intersection. Approaching my car on the driver’s side, it raced through a stop sign and was about to hit the side of the car, right where Lauren was in her car seat.

Now I had learned to ignore my visions, intuition and guidance, so as I approached the cross street, I continued into the intersection. After entering the intersection, I looked to my left down the normally quiet street and the car from my vision was coming towards me at top speed. Adrenaline raced through my body and laying my foot on the gas the other car missed me by inches.

In the video store, as I wandered around clutching my daughter’s hand for assurance, I ran into my spiritual teacher. She was a woman who could see the gifts inside of me, but I had not yet been willing to accept these gifts.

“Spirit is going to teach you to trust your visions,” she said when I told her what happened. That was all she said.

A few days after that near-miss, I was on my way back to the video store, to return the movies we had rented. My daughter was once again buckled into the back seat. As I drove ever so carefully down the same streets I had another vision. This time it was an unmarked white van at an intersection and there were many vehicles in the accident, including mine.

This time I decided to heed the warning. I was beginning to listen to Spirit. And so I chose a different route to the store. And I avoided all major intersections.

We arrived safely at the video store. I did not see a white unmarked van and so as my daughter and I headed into the store doubt came to my mind.

“See. How crazy. There was no van. Your imagination was just going wild…”

But after we returned the videos and came out of the store, I stopped and stared at the intersection next to the store. There were emergency vehicles just arriving, a major pile-up and in the center was the white unmarked van of my vision.

I looked heavenward and said, “Okay. I’m listening. And thank you for keeping me out of this one.”

Then I said a prayer for those who were not spared from the drama. I sent healing light to them, I called in those who can help on the other side and I gave thanks that I was not a part of the accident.

As I drove home I understood how important it is to listen. That not only do we avoid unnecessary drama, but when we can remain separated from some of life’s hardships, we are in a better position to send healing to those who are in need.

Many years later I was finally able to live from a place of spiritual connection. I was teaching others to do the same. As I was accepting my visions as gifts and sharing this wisdom with others my life was expanding. While my life still had its share of lessons, I found that when I listened to Spirit, I was better able to handle whatever came my way in life.

One day another warning came to me as I was on my way to teach a class on Living Intuitively at Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City. I was driving down a beautiful thoroughfare past some of the most beautiful homes in Kansas City. There was a green boulevard with three lanes of traffic on either side. Traffic was moving steadily on this particular day with most doing 50-55 mph in a 45 mph zone.

As I drove I was saying affirmative prayers to clear myself for my class. I didn’t need to think about what I would say, I just needed to make myself available to Spirit. As I cleared my mind I received a vision of a car swerving in front of me. In my vision the car crossed over into my lane, I then ran into that car and then many more cars behind me slammed into my car and on and on…the scene in my mind was not pretty. I could hear the sound of metal crunching and breaking glass.

Of course after all those years I knew to pay attention. I looked to my right and recognized the blue two door coupe in my vision. Everything seemed okay but I slowed way down. I knew I needed to slow the traffic down behind me so I did so in a gradual manner. And I kept an eye on the blue two door.

Just as those behind me were about to find a way around me, the blue car started swaying over into my lane, I pulled back farther letting the car come in front of me and watched it continue up over the curb. It continued until it hit a telephone pole. I had been prepared and watched the entire scene in slow motion, as I kept the traffic behind me at a safe distance.

I went around the block and watched as a young woman got out of her car. I was relieved to see she was okay, and I noticed many people were stopping and I knew she had help, so I continued on my way to class.

It was then that my guiding voice, said, “Go back.”

And it was me that said, “What? I have a class…”

The voice was commanding as it repeated, “Go back.”

But I was equally demanding as I said, “I have a class. I’m the teacher…” I looked at the time and knew I was going to make it to class in perfect time. The young woman was okay, no one else was in the accident and I felt smug that I had once again avoided an accident, was able to say a prayer for her and had a great story to use for class that night.

But my guides never give up. “Go back. She needs you.”

Oh, gosh, that was all I needed to hear to turn me around. I circled again. I could see many people had stopped, but I noticed the girl was sitting on the curb alone, and crying.

I parked my car and walked by a half dozen people sort of milling around. I walked right up to the young woman and asked her if she would like someone to sit with her. She nodded as she rocked herself there on the curb.

I sat down next to her and put my hand around her shoulders. “It’s going to be okay,” I told her.

“No it’s not! My mother is going to kill me!”

“Your mother is not going to kill you. She will be glad that you’re okay.”

I gave her lots of reassurance, first off that her mother would still love her, that she was not going to get kicked out of school and that it wasn’t that bad…I told her what anyone would tell her.

I wondered why no one else had sat down with her.

I stayed with her through paramedics who looked her over from a distance, asked some questions and left. I stayed as she talked to the police. I stayed and waited until her mother came.

Her mother finally arrived. She ran up to the young woman, hugged her, and told her it was okay. Her mother told her that the most important thing was that she was okay. They hugged a lot and they cried, together.

The young girl had explained to me she was trying to reach a cassette tape that had fallen on the floor…somehow spirit knew this was going to happen. It always amazes me…

Once I saw that her mother was there for her I stood to leave. I was walking away quietly, but she ran up to me. She put her hand on my arm and I turned around. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’ll never forget you…thank you.” And she hugged me.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad I could be there for you.” I said with a lump in my throat.

As I drove carefully to class, over an hour late, I knew that Spirit had put me in the right place at the right time. I contemplated the message I would share with my students that night. I considered how it had all began for me, how Spirit had shaken me until I was willing to wake up. How a near miss with my own daughter had caused me to finally accept the visions, voices and feelings that are now a normal part of my everyday life. And how I was now able to use this guidance to help others.

We all have the ability to make a difference. Each and everyday, we must listen to spirit so that we can avoid our own mishaps and dramas. We can walk away from a lot of suffering if we pay attention.

By avoiding the drama, we can stand in a place of power and send love and light and healing to those who are in need. As we listen we will be guided and everyone can say a prayer, send a blessing or give healing to others even from a distance.

But the most powerful thing that we can do is to be there for someone in need. To just be there…that is a gift we can all give.

Those other people who stopped at the accident, I know they wanted to help. But a lot of times people just don’t know what to do. It seems everyone I know wants to help. It seems most people want to make a difference. But sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.

In my work and in my life I have learned that just being present with someone is all that you need to do to make a profound difference. As I sat with that young woman, I did not use any supernatural powers to straighten out her life. I did not perform any healing rituals nor did I have to look at any cards to know that her mother would still love her. Yet I made a difference just by being human and offering her a shoulder to cry on and a reassuring voice.

All we need to do to make a difference is remember we are all human and we all have certain needs. When someone is in a crisis, they need to hear that it’s going to be okay. We can reassure others. We can be there. Just showing up for others makes a huge difference.

Sometimes we want to make a huge difference and we don’t know how to begin. We are inspired by people like Princess Diana or Mother Teresa, and we know we can never do what they did, so sometimes we don’t even try.

When I look at a photo of someone such as Princess Diana, or Mother Teresa, I am moved to tears. I am moved because I feel I can never match what they did while they were here on this planet and I am moved because I know I must try.

Maybe one of us alone cannot do what Mother Teresa did. But together we can. And if each of us remembers to listen to our guidance, to avoid unnecessary drama, to be willing to be there for another, we will turn things around. If everyone could listen to their inner guidance they would know what to do.

So stop and listen more often. Make yourself available to your guidance. Pay attention to the visions that flow through your mind. Be awake and aware everyday and live an intuitive life.

From there you will notice where others are in need, and you will know what to do. Just show up. Be there for others. Notice where there is a need, where someone is crying, or hurt or hungry, and be there.

Maybe you can’t do what Princess Diana did. Maybe I can’t either. But together, all of us working together, we can touch millions of lives.

We can. We must. And we will…

– – – – – – –

To contact Cat RunningElk or learn more about her classes and tours, you can visit her website here or at www.catrunningelk.com

3 thoughts on “How to Make A Difference”

  1. Cat, thank you for this beautiful message. It is wonderfully calming and comforting and empowering at the same time. I love you. Renee


  2. Cat,

    Thank you for this wonderful message. It’s a great reminder to listen to Spirit.

    I had an experience last week while driving to work. It was a simple vision, but Spirit was showing me that I need to begin to pay more attention to my guidance. I was eating in the car with a spoon. I had a vision that showed me accidentally dropping the spoon on the floor and then looking in the car container next to me for a replacement. My automatic thought was that I’d be really careful not to drop the spoon because I wasn’t sure I had a backup. The funny thing is that despite my effort to be careful, I still dropped the spoon on the floor. I thought wow! I can’t believe it still happened. Then I automatically looked in the container next to me and found a fork.

    After that happened, I realized that Spirit was encouraging me to listen more attentively. I had been so used to ignoring the voice inside me.

    So I thank you for the reminder to listen. I know it will keep me out of trouble if I listen more attentively. I’ve had many other experiences where I didn’t listen and regretted those times terribly.

    Take care and God bless you, Cat.
    Terry C.


  3. Cat,
    Today I found out that someone I was once very close to has cancer and just had a duoble mastectomy. Our separation was very painful for both of us (a long story), and we have had no contact for a few years. I have been resisting the pull to offer my full love and support. But after reading your message it is clear what I have to do. Thank you for channeling spirit so I can trust my own guidance despite my fears.
    Bob (we met briefly at the show in Birch Run, MI)


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